Calorie Intake


I’m in my first week of the transitional phase of the V-Diet and I beleive the meal plan for it is one meal per day, which leaves me with drinking 4 shakes. Today I ate a grilled chicken salad. Not a large portion as it was about the size of a regular bowl. I would like to know is that enough food for me to take in during the one meal or would you suggest eating more than the grilled chicken salad? I will admit part of the reason for just the salad also is because it seemed like I got full so quickly.

It’s best to play it by ear. One goal of the V-Diet is to kill cravings and overeating habits, and we don’t want you to have to count calories forever. Rather, it’s best to 1) choose only healthy foods, 2) auto-regulate food intake. For example, sometimes you may want more food not because of a craving but because you had a tougher workout and are in repair and grow muscle mode.

As for your meal, it depends on how you ate it. For example, store-bought or restaurant salad dressing could have made it calorie-dense and not a great choice.

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