Calorie Intake


Hi I want to jump in and do the diet this month, I read that with this diet you dont have to do many cardio workouts because of the calorie intake…
right there is the link. I want to do the diet but I do actually a lot of cardio and not too much weights coz im traveling a lot and I have no time to go to a gym. Do I take a shake with regular amount of calories? or what do i do


If you can’t weight train, then this probably isn’t the best diet for you right now. Many parts of the plan assume the dieter is weight training 3 times per week. Here’s the whole plan with full details.


So you want to do the V-Diet, but you don’t want to do the workouts?

If you want the results that the V-Diet will give you, I suggest you do the V-Diet, including the workouts.


Thanks Chris, isnt that i dont want to do the workouts… Im military and Im going to be faaaar away from a gym for 2 months… I wont have weights close by, but I will wait til july. thanks again