Calcium Interfering with ZMA?

What would be the best way to use ZMA, Z-12, and a pre-bed protein like cottage cheese or Metabolic Drive? I’m concerned about the calcium in the protein interfering with the ZMA. Thanks.

The ZMA and Z-12 can be taken together, no problem there. As for the calcium-protein-magnesium issue, it’s tricky. You do want to avoid having them too close together because they’ll the minerals can compete for absorption, but on the plus side, Biotest ZMA uses magnesium aspartate for optimal absorption and there’s a relatively low dose of calcium in Metabolic Drive.

So that’s kinda two ways the ZMA has a “headstart” on any issues. Not sure what kind of timing you’re looking at, but I’d probably have ZMA a half-hour or so before hitting the pillow, and have the shake at least an hour or more before the ZMA.

That’s actually almost exactly what I do, only I often have Mag-10 before bed so the calcium thing’s not an issue. (I also like the idea of fast-absorbing protein hitting overnight instead of the slow release, but plenty of folks do prefer the latter.)

Thanks Chris. I have used Mag-10 as suggested but that’s a lot of water for me plus the cottage cheese (for the leucine) and Metabolic Drive is cheaper. I think I’ll go with splitting the Mag-10 up. Before Bed and 3-5 hrs later as I will still have to pee. How’s that? Thanks again.

Ha, that’s a valid factor. Also, Metabolic Drive does help you feel fuller due to how it’s digested. So it can serve dual purpose as a legit “dessert” (especially mixed up thicker as a pudding) if that’s something you need to handle at nighttime.

I wasn’t meaning to say you had to switch to Mag-10. Just offering what I do in terms of a protein drink before having ZMA before bed.

Ha. Dude, tell me about it. I can pee twice within an hour of closing my eyes and I’m still guaranteed at least one middle-of-night bathroom trip. Getting old is so weird.

Thanks Chris, but on that note (“getting old is so weird”) I’m going to request something of T-Nation.
Like a lot of other guys, I’ve been consistently on this site since 2001 on almost a daily basis. At 67, I get caught up in a lot of articles dealing with assessments, challenges, tests etc. I can still do some of them, others not so much (if I ever could). Now that a lot of us are older it would be great to see how we stack up at our advanced age. Today, on page one Tim Henriques (Test Your Athleticism in 2 Minutes) tells someone 50 or under what a good 500m row time is (>1:45). I’m ~ 1:57 so no prob there. But there are plenty of things I can’t do. Dan John (10 Things Every Lifter Should Be Able to Do) is another on page one today. I can’t deadlift 2x bodyweight anymore (and I’m fairly lean with abs) but what should I be capable of? And I don’t think the over 35 forum addresses this although I don’t go there often because I refuse to grow up. So what I’m asking is that the authors try to include/provide insight to us old guys who have been with you, some from the beginning and may not fit the demographics anymore but still spend the moolah (I myself am at level 100). Hey, if playing the $$$ card helps…AND STAY OFF MY LAWN!**

Thanks Chris

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