Calc Sheet For Supplements/Costs

Well Im my spare time I added a bit of extra macroing to an excel sheet that I found on this forum that did wonders for mapping out the 28 days for me…

I wanted to bring this excel back up for the posts I’ve read about costs, and the fact that I generally found this calc excel very helpful and recommend it.

NOTE: This is only the 28 days of the V-Diet…There is no inclusion of the 2 week transition period factored in.

I would also like to mention I rounded up items since you cannot buy half or partial containers. This particular example is mine at the weight of 218…

It does also not factor in The Fiber One tabs or the Flax Seed into the costs…

The cost strictly show the principle vdiet supps costs for the V-Diet.

I hope it�??s helpful to anyone out there looking. ~Goodluck

Thanks for the worksheet.

After incorporating it in my V-Diet, I have the following observations:

  1. The Chocolate and Vanilla Metabolic Drive shakes are the only ones with 1g Fiber - the label on the other three have no fiber so take that in to consideration when trying to meet the daily fiber goal of ~ 25 g.

  2. Your spreadsheet lists calories for Chocolate flavored Surge Recovery - the calories and nutritional content varies for other flavors so consider that in your daily calorie calculations.

  3. Adding Surge to your 5-a-day Metabolic Drive will more than likely put you over the max. calorie for your workout days - my approach - use 1 scoop of Metabolic Drive for one of those 5 shakes and you’ll still be fine with your protein intake.

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