CajunTJ's V-Diet

Tomorrow morning I start the V-Diet. Taking pictures and mesurements tonight and will post soon.

Here are my measurements and before pic. I took a bunch of pics to use for motivation. Just had my first V- Diet breakfast and it is better tasting than I thought it would be. I am stoked about this challenge and am looking forward to the next 6 weeks! Any advice anyone could give me I would appreciate it.
weight: 237
height: 72
neck: 16.5
shoulders: 20
chest upper: 46.75
chest lower: 46.75
waist navel: 41.75
waist largest: 41.85
hips largest: 45.25
upper arm L: 13.5
upper arm R: 13.25
upper leg L: 23.75
upper leg R: 24
lower leg L: 18.75
lower leg R: 18.25
ankle L: 10.5
ankle R: 10.5

Here are a couple more before pictures. Finishing up day 3! Feeling good and motivated!

I look like crap!! I can’t believe I let myself get this way.

One of my back… Can’t wait for August to roll around and see what the difference will be.

Finishing out my first week tomorrow. Going to go buy something for an HSM tomorrow. Any suggestions?
As for the update… I am doing this as part of a project for a nutrition class I am taking this summer so I am recording my weight on a daily basis. As of this morning I have gone from 241.9 to 233.7. Not bad for the first 5 days!
Still going strong!!!

Great work!! Your results so far sound great…stay strong. Remember time goes by no matter if you stick to the diet or not…I don’t know how many times I’ve started something (a diet, studying, etc.) and then decide to skip a day or two and then before you know it…the month is gone and you are no further than you were before…maybe even behind…so point is stick with it and before you know it…you will be DONE…and hopefully liking what you see.
Congrats, I look forward to following your progress. I am just on day 2 myself…but logging on and reading others posts who are doing the same is very encouraging…see ya around

Thanks Lynz! I am finishing out the first week tonight and finally an HSM.
I hadn’t really craved any food until last night while cooking my daughter her dinner. I sort of felt like my dog watching me cut steak. Gave it a few minutes and it passed. I know what its like to take unintended long breaks. I started training in January 2009 and weighed in at nearly 300 lbs./38% BF Ten months later I was down to 220/19% BF. Not bad but then I hurt my shoulder and took a week off which turned into 5 months off and I almost hit 250/27% BF. So no more of that shit. A complete lifestyle change is what is in process now and the V-Diet is the best way to get that started.

Keep at it bro. I don’t even remember my first HSM (2 years ago) during my first run. I don’t think I even planned it all that well.

Icarus, thanks for the post bro… HSM 2 is coming up tomorrow and I surprisingly forgot about it. I have gotten into this routine now and didn’t even realize the week was going by. Week 2 will be complete tomorrow night and I am still going strong. I have yet to do measurements but I weighed in this morning at 227.6, not bad. My goal is to get 215 or possibly 210 if possible. I went camping and rock climbing over the 4th weekend. Took a shit load of water with me and pre-measured and labeled each ziploc bag for each meal. Using warm water is not the best way to get the shakes down but it was all I had so I just sucked it up and did it.
Still going strong and feeling like I have gotten over the adjustment period. Looking forward to the next 2 weeks.

5 days and a wake up! At least to finish out the first four weeks! Down 17 lbs. give or take. Feeling good. Just having a difficult time getting the morning shake down and sometimes the final one of the day. I am so glad to finishing the first stage but already planning six months out to do it again.

2 days to go! I will do a complete measurement, weigh in and pic day on Wednesday. This morning though I weighed in at 221.9 and decided to measure my waist which is now 36.5 inches!!

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