Caffeine Toleration?

I know it is possible to get “tolerate” of caffeine to where you need more and more for the same affect or something. But my question is when it does this do you need to up the dosage for fat loss? Or even though you don’t “feel it” it still works the same?

Basically, I drink a lot of coffee and tea now and I am wondering if I should stop for the next 2 weeks to get my body used to not having caffeine or will it still have the same affects when I start the v-diet, even though I have been taking in a lot of caffeine for a while?

Why are you focusing so much on caffeine? While caffeine does have some minor effects on fat loss, and while HOT-ROX does contain a little, it’s not a major component of the V-Diet or the reason HOT-ROX is effective. Really, the caf is just a drop in the bucket so to speak compared to the effects of the rest of the HR ingredients and the diet/training itself.

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