Caffeine-Free Brain Candy 2x A Day?

For the Caffeine-Free Brain Candy, would it be ok to only on occasion take one in the morning and one in the afternoon? I had a dose first thing at 7am this morning, 4:30pm now and still lots of work to do, it really helps focus and productivity :slight_smile: Thanks!

Short-term or only occasionally, two a day should be alright. It’s not something you want to do regularly because I believe the body/mind can acclimate to some of the brain-boosting ingredients so you could lose some of the punch with overly frequent exposure.

And, for sure, I’d only try doubling up with the caffeine-free version like you said.

I do the caffeinated version on workouts days only. Every bottle feels as good as the first time I used it.
Excellent product, and the Wendler Stack makes buying it alost free.

Awesome thank you for the quick response @Chris_Colucci.

you may not want ~4 g of ALCAR, seems like a bit much. I can also get a bit irritable with too much DMAE, but that is just me.

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