Caffeinated Brain Candy

Just curious when it will be back in stock…thanks!

I believe it’s a few weeks. The caffeine-free version is the same formula minus just the one ingredient, so it’s a good alternative in the meantime.

Any update on this?

Hopefully 4-6 weeks, unfortunately. The caffeine-free version is still an effective option.

What has been the holdup?

I just don’t find the caffeine free works as good as the regular. Any restocked updates?
Thank you!

Bump. I have no plans to buy the caffeine free again. Any updates would be nice or just let us know if you’re discontinuing.

Chris did say four to six weeks, and that was 26 days ago. Hopefully it’s just around the corner.

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He did also say a few weeks back in June. And didn’t answer the question as to why they have been backordered for so long. It has been over 2 months out of stock.

Just get the feeling they are going to sell out the caffeine free version then discontinue the product altogether.

There’s literally no reason to think that.

According to HQ, they’re working as best as possible to get original Brain Candy back in stock ASAP.

I don’t know why they’re out of stock and, I think personally, it kinda doesn’t matter. Was there a worldwide caffeine shortage? Problem with the label maker? Not sure. Doesn’t affect the current situation, which is no product yet.

As of now, they’re hoping for it to be available within the next 2 weeks… which is still within the original timeframe given earlier in the thread.

Original Brain Candy is back in stock!

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