Bw5126's V-Diet Log Starts Today

Hey guys I just started the V-Diet today to mixed results.
I had my first shake at noon and threw it all up an hour later. I mixed chocolate with banana and I think I drank it too fast.

At 4 after fully recovering I had a Lunch shake with 2 scoops of vanilla. I felt much better but still had a bathroom attack.

Here are my vitals.
Height 5’8
Weight 244
Waist at naval 48
waist at largest 48
Neck 16.5
Shoulders 52
Upper Chest 45
Lower Chest 44
Hips at largest 44
Upper arm both 15.5
Upper leg both 25.5
Lower leg both 15.5
Ankle both 9.5

Your support and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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