Buying the V-Diet

I am having trouble finding the area on the website where I can find the menu for the V-Diet. Is there one place where everything can be purchased?

If you have a link you could post or PM to me that would be tremendous.


Hi there! I am happy to hear you are thinking about joining the team!

At the top of this screen you should see a menu starting with “1-Velocity Diet 3.0”…Click on “3-The Diet”.

Next on the top menu find “Velocity Diet Program 3.0” and click it.

Fill in the form with you Name and such and hit Calculate.

Once it calculates your diet, you can save it and download it. At the bottom click on “Order Now” and it will take you to the ordering cart page…follow the directions for ordering.

Hurry! We would love to have ya.


For convenience, we’ve moved this to the Store section too:

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