Butter Coffee on the the V-Diet?

Now I know that butter coffee is predominately a paleo thing, and everyone has differing opinions on that. But I happen to love it, and it often helps me quite a bit with intermittent “fasting” and things of that nature. So I was wondering if anyone else has mixed the [sometimes funky in the stomach] grass-fed butter + MCT oil + coffee game, with the Velocity supplements/shakes in the morning.

Any good experiences? Bad experiences? Words of caution, etc?

The V-Diet isn’t intermittent fasting, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

And no, I don’t think anyone’s had butter coffee on the V-Diet because the plan specifically says not to add sugar or cream to coffee or tea, so that’d cover not adding fats to it too. However, some people do add (plain) coffee to their shakes, either cold brew the coffee and throw the Metabolic Drive in or add instant coffee right into Metabolic Drive and water.

“A little cream/sugar/butter in my coffee makes the day easier”, “An extra cheeeburger in my HSM, but it’s okay because meat is good protein”, “I’ll mix the shakes in milk because it’s even better”. Those little compromises add up, and the result is poor progress.

Oh yeah, I definitely don’t do sugar in my coffee. I don’t think I’ve added sugar to anything (processed or raw) or even eaten anything with added sugar for a couple of years now. I’m not a big fan of dairy (cream and milk anyway), so that certainly won’t be problem either.

Whether grass-fed/pasture butter is considered dairy and whether or not it’s good or bad for you is probably a rabbit-hole not worth going down, since it’s not allowed on the V-Diet. So I’ll just skip it for the 28 days and then experiment later on.

Thanks for the feedback, Chris!

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