Burning Fat with Plazma?

Will I burn more fat working out in the morning on an empty stomach only drinking Plazma as opposed to eating breakfast, waiting a few hours and working out with Plazma?

How much do you half to worry about muscle breakdown if you don’t consume something other than coffee for a couple hours after waking?

  1. If you train using Plazma, then you don’t have an empty stomach. You are loaded with the exact nutrients you need to build muscle.

Weight training is for building muscle, don’t think of it as “fat loss exercise” though that’s of course a second-hand benefit.

  1. Lots of different opinions on that. Generally, there’s no need to fast to lose fat and it certainly halts all muscle gains. We have several articles in the archives on this. Just search the terms you’re looking for.

If that’s not your question, then try this: real life experiment. Do something. Did it work? Yes? Keep doing it. No? Do something else.

Thanks Chris, Im making good gains but most of the time im just not hungry when I wake up. I usually force a Metabolic Drive smoothie with fruit and yogurt but now im going to try just Plazma and working out first and save the smoothie for after

Plazma-only should be a fine choice for you then. Not only is the perfect workout nutrition supplement, it’s easy to consume - more like drinking water than drinking a thick “shake” so it’s easy on those who train early and don’t feel like solid food so early.

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