Building Muscle, Peri-WO Supp Question


I started the V-Diet at 203lbs with a 40.5" waist( I’m 5’11 Male) AFter 6 weeks V-Diet and first two Phases of Chad Waterbury’s
"Get Lean" program from Huge In A Hurry I am currently at 171lbs and 31.5" waist- NOT freaking bad I might add!!!

I really like Waterbury’s philosophy behind his programs so I will be sticking with his Huge In A Hurry template and focusing
on the “Get Big” section followed by " Get Strong" etc…

My question is a bit of a ramble so here it goes: I recently switched from Surge Recovery to Surge W/O Fuel and MAG-10.
Any thoughts? Good/Bad, suggestions on perhaps another Peri-workout protocol.

Also, I wanted to add BCAA’s into my daily routine. Do you think they’re still relevant at a high dose? Is it better just to consume Leucine?
My nutritional intake is dialed in and my staple supps are Flameout, FA3, Vit D, Superfood and Metabolic Drive. Additionally Surge W/O Fuel and MAG-10 on workout days.

All suggestions/comments are appreciated from anyone. I have searched high and low in the archives but there is quite the abyss of 2-3 yr old threads on the topic with conflicting advice( no surprise as advances are always on the horizon) .


Your switch sounds fine.

And remember, MAG-10 and Surge products are already amino rich, so probably no need to pop more tablets of aminos while on those.

Adding in a scoop of leucine with bigger meals is always a good idea though. Love that stuff.


Sounds good, thanks for the reply!