Building Female Muscle?

My wife is petite, and sheds weight with mild exercise. She’s recently started lift light to medium weights, for her. She’s shedding weight rapidly 9genetics) and wishes to try and build/retain some size for her new muscles. She’s started eating a bit more in calories, which is an obvious answer, but is looking for good supplements, to pair the effort with.

Any suggestions?

Also, I have her on a morning dose of DHEA, and she takes the T Nation BCAA after her workouts.

Great to hear she’s getting into lifting and building muscle.

BCAAs work well, but Plazma would be a great upgrade to have during (not after) workouts. It has fast-acting protein and the right carbs to fuel hard training and recovery.

A more efficient approach would be to bump the BCAAs to between meals as an “amino pulse”, basically a way to flip on the muscle-building switch throughout the day without needing a full meal. This article explains more about why that method works:

Creatine is another staple for lifters, helping short-term recovery between sets and boosting strength.

Anything beyond that can depend a little more on the details of her training (like sets/reps) and her nutrition (protein intake, carbs, etc.). For example, Micro-PA is great for putting on lean muscle, but it works even better when it’s coordinated with the right type of training.

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Thanks, Chris!

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