BuffnStuff is Tired of Too Much Stuff

Hiya folks,

Finally decided to take the plunge… and purchased the V-Diet supplies! See, it’s like this. It’s always been about the bigger and stronger for me. Started lifting as a scrawny teenager to make the highschool football team. It worked! Also seemed to improve my “date-ability”, so I was hooked! Now I am known as the Big Guy.

I’ve even collected nicknames like Hoss, Beast, Meat and my personal favourite, I was described as being all BuffnStuff. A friend recently told that if I could drop some of the Stuff and keep all the Buff, I’d be a Machine… Well, I liked the sound of that!

It’s been said that success is the meeting of oppotunity and preparation. Ski-season, which always involves a shift towards conditioning rather than power, is about 6-8 weeks away. Looks like the stars have aligned just about right.

Seems to me there are three sides to the testosterone lifestyle: training, nutrition and recovery. I once wore an infantry uniform and I’ve competed at the provincial level in powerlifting, so I’m no stranger to hard, heavy training. And I’ve even managed to get my eating habits under control, sort of.

Taking some advice I found hereabouts, I’ve learned to cook. Which means I don’t eat out or worse eat take-out nearly as often as I once did. I’m striving to crush these old habits. Recovery… I’m working at it. I have a real problem with taking a day off… or even sitting still!

Normally not much into forum posting, but I found many of the stories I’ve read here to be inspiring. I’ll endeavour to be just as inspiring. So, the supps are on order, the workouts are printed out and stowed in the gymbag… This gladiator has stepped into the arena with sand in his guts and a fire in his eyes. This is gonna be a helluva good fight!

All there is left to do is wait for my supplies and get to work!

I hate waiting…

The V-Diet is here!

My supplies showed up on Thursday… Thought some folks hereabouts might be interested to see just what you get!

Damn, that’s alot of bottles! Next up, the dreaded before pix!

The Front shot… what’s worse? The bulk gut or the awful shower curtain!

The Side shot… Guess where I’m looking to cut away the flab?

The Back shot… What the heck is that pile of ick that appears to be strapped to my back?

So, it’s day 2 and I’ve made some observations… including the body measurements made yesterday:

Age: 41
Sex: Male
Height: 6’3 1/2
Weight: 257 lbs, on the gym digital scale, wearing gym clothes and Chuck’s
Neck: 17
Shoulders: 52
Chest - Upper: 46 1/4
Chest - Lower: 42
Waist - Navel: 41 3/4 (yikes!)
Waist - Belt: 40 1/2 (navel is the largest)
Hips: 45 1/2
L Bicep: 17 1/2
R Bicep: 17 1/2
L Quad: 28
R Quad: 28
L Calf: 17 1/2
R Calf: 17 1/2
L Ankle: 10 1/2
R Ankle: 10 1/2

Geez… Not sure what was the bigger eye-opener, the shock and awe pix or the tape measure that does not lie.

Other observations:

Sipping the mid-afternoon shake is a good way to kill a hunger reflex.
HOT-ROX really are hot… jacks up your metabolism and makes you sweat.
The morning and bedtime shake are both a whole lotta volume to choke down.
My girlfriend is very supportive… very concerned, but very supportive.
Is it strange to have food cravings on Day 2? And to have cravings for broccoli of all things?

Workout #1 - I did Monday’s workout on Sunday… I didn’t want to wait! I’m using the advanced program, with one modification. I just can’t seem to get the overhead squat. I could make excuses about stiff shoulders or upper back injuries, but the truth? I’m just too uncoordinated to manage the movement without risking a posterior chain injury! Even my ankles pinch on that movement.

Underhand Bent BB Rows -
Warm up - 135 x12
Work sets - 225 4x5, just about right

Back Squats -
Warm up - 135 x12
Work set 1 - 225 x6
Work sets - 275 3x5, probably too easy. Although my training partner says I was about an inch high on the last rep. Power lifters are critical that way :slight_smile:

Dips -
Warm up - BW x12
Work sets - BW +45 4x5, very challenging!

Ab Roll-Outs from knees - 4x5, a bit tough

So far, so good… Although, I was bit grumbly last night! Stay tuned for further updates.

Congratulations on taking the plunge! I too had eye opening pics. Hasnt it been said that one looks 20 lbs heavier on the big screen? LOL Anyway… good luck and we will all be keeping tabs and offering support when needed. Continued success…


hmmmm broccoli!

yep, what I plan on including in my first HSM.

Yep…shock and awe pics…thats wht did me in! If there was even a doubt in my mind…after seeing the “back view” pic…NO DOUBTS anymore!

I wish you success every day!

That was… interesting. Seems that last night, my body went into withdrawal mode. Not a good feeling! I felt flu’ish, headache, exhausted and sore. Down right weird. Still, I managed to force down the shakes and get in a short NEPA session. Truth be told, I really didn’t think I was that bad with my nutrition. I guess I’ll just chalk it up to another thing the VDiet is teaching me.

Not to worry, I’ll be damned if a little thing like personal adversity can hold me back! Feel a little better today. Tonight is training night… this makes me happy!

Them what dares… wins!

I had the exact same symptoms, went totally away on day 3 and has not been back since.

I would say what you experienced is normal from what I have seen other say as well.

Day 4

My name is BuffnStuff. (Hi BuffnStuff!) And I am a carb junkie. It’s been four days since I had a slice of pizza…

The nasty withdrawal symptoms seem to be abating. I feel like a million bucks… or atleast about $1.95! At least I no longer feel like a recovering addict…

Last night’s workout was a blast:

Wide Grip Chins - 10,10,8,8,4
Incline DB Press - 75, 4x10 (last three reps, hit the wall… had the grit and gind them out)
RDLs - 135, 2x10, 185 2x10 (felt light, but the volume gave me a head rush… cool!)
BB Curls - 95, 4x10 (used a straight Oly bar loaded on the ground, got some strange looks from the Rack-Curlers!)
Hanging Knee Raises - 15,13,12

I know I’m not supposed to… but I jumped on the gym scale. 252 pounds… Am I reading this thing right? That’d be 5’ish pounds in three days?! I’m sure I’m only seeing water and carb depletion… but, wow!

All in all, the workouts are the easy part. The diet? The GF says my kitchen smells like an ice cream shop! I find I’m craving something savoury or salty… sweet is not my thing!

Maybe a chicken broth flavoured Metabolic Drive? Or even a veggie cocktail flavour like V8 juice… Rest and recuperation? Like I have a choice! Very fatigued… I need to step up the stretching and foam rolling. By the time I get home from the jobsite and training session, I’m lucky if I can remember to feed the cat and operate the remote control!

That which does not kill me… better find a good hiding place!

hi buff

i totally know what you mean about something savoury or salty… i know i shouldn’t do this but i’ve made a pot of fresh chicken and onion stock. it’s obviously negligible calories and no fat because i used chicken breast for the base and i only drink the consomme… but i find it’s great whenever i get a hankering for something savoury… sometimes just a tablespoon sometimes half a cup… it’s working for me.

Day 5

Chicken stock… that’s a great idea! Refrigerate it, skim off the fat and enjoy a half cup in the evening. One of those ideas that I should have thought of!

Last night I took a little detour… I had a salad. Assorted greens, tomato, onions, some balsamic vinigrette and a sprinkle of romano. A simple pleasure and it was awesome! Back to the grind this morning… Tonight is training night and this makes me happy.

BTW: Fibre supplementation is, in my opinion, not optional! I added fibre tabs last night and let’s just say, without going in to the gory details, it’s a glorious morning…

Sounds like you are doing great. When it gets tough… GRIND! Congrats on sticking with it. Looking forward to seeing your after pics. Continued success…


Day 6… Don’t let the buggers grind you down!

Last night’s workout… Bit of a bugger. Lots of strength, bit shy on the stamina.

Front Squat - bit off more than I could chew, cuz I’m outta practice chewing!
Warm-up 135x10, 2 sets: 225x5, 3 sets: 205x5

Close Grip Press - easier than expected
Warm-up 135x10, 2 sets: 205x5, 3 sets: 225x5

Chins - a real grind
1 set: BW x5, 4 sets: BW+25 x5

BB Push-Press - serious head rush, not so cool
1 set: 135x5, 3 sets: 155x5, 1 set: 135x5

NEPA - in the rain with the girlfriend! Fun, actually…

Tonight I’m taking the night off. Coming up tomorrow… my first attempt at the V-Burn challenge, then… Steak and Broccoli! Damn… am I really that excited about broccoli? Can a clumsy fool like me actually managed hand stand presses?

Day 8, one week in the bag!

Where to start… My HSM didn’t go quite as planned. I was looking forward to a nice steak and broccoli feed yesterday, but the boss decided to take us for a buffet for lunch the day before. This almost never happens! So, a couple of lessons. Be flexible… when the boss wants to reward you, you accept, graciously. No need to be a self-righteous pain in the tush all the time! Also, be adaptable… just cuz you have access to a buffet is no reason to go hog wild! I enjoyed several nice pieces of lemon and herb chicken, grilled tomatoes, roast zucchini, cabbage and carrots. I couldn’t get enough of the veggies! Then a serving of assorted melon, strawberries and pineapple…

That’s it! No extra sauces, no starchy carbs, no creamy, sugar laden desserts. I had water with my meal. And the real shocker? It was no big deal! Tasted great, gave me what can only be described as an all day nutrition rush and I got right back on the shakes that night.

More to follow…

The V-Burn Challenge… after action report!

I live on the west coast of Canada, we get a little rain in the fall. About 6 weeks straight for the month of November alone! I wish I was joking… However, it does mean we are already seeing a bit of snow in the higher elevations!

It also means I decided to attempt the V-Burn in my living room. No biggie, shift around the furniture a bit… oh, and trade handstand presses for pike push-ups. No need to redecorate… I’m a bit clumsy and figure it was certain that I would lose my balance and put my foot through the coffee table or worse!

The V-Burn is a sunovabitch! Three circuits in and I was puffing like a steam engine… just about as red, too! I ended up taking far more breaks that I want to admit to, maybe a litre of water as well. My time, was embarrassing… just over 50 mins! Ugh… and it took me far longer to recover than I would have thought! Chalk that up to another thing the V-Diet is teaching me… my conditioning is… um, well, it sucks!

Today I begin week 2 of this experiment. Things I’ve noticed.

The training sessions are a blast! The lifting sessions that is… The V-Burn reminds of morning PT, but without the warm, fuzzy feelings I’d get from PT…
The shakes are monotonous, even with the various flavours, the all remind me of melted ice cream… shaking rather than blending seems to make the easier to take. Maybe blending injects to much air into the mix?
Day 2 carb withdrawal just sucks.
Fibre supplements are not optional!
NEPA might just be the best part of this. Really, get for walk, take the girlfriend, ride your bike, explore the neighborhood… relish the looks you get from the mundane types who see you out enjoying the rain!

My comparison pix are interesting… Not sure what I see. The side compare doesn’t look right, my pose is definitely off!

Up next… the tape measure doesn’t lie!

Day 9 - Yesterday’s measurements, yesterday’s workout

Height: 6’3 1/2 : still!
Weight: 257 : 252 lbs -5
Neck: 17 : 17
Shoulders: 52 ; 51 1/2 -1/2
Chest - Upper: 46 1/4 : 47 +3/4
Chest - Lower: 42 : 43 1/4 +1 1/4
Waist - Navel: 41 3/4 : 41 3/4
Waist - Belt: 40 1/2 : 40 1/4 -1/4
Hips: 45 1/2 : 46 +1/2
L Bicep: 17 1/2 : 17 1/4 -1/4
R Bicep: 17 1/2 : 17 1/8 -3/8
L Quad: 28 : 27 1/8 -7/8
R Quad: 28 : 27 -1
L Calf: 17 1/2 : 17 3/4 +1/4
R Calf: 17 1/2 : 17 1/2
L Ankle: 10 1/2
R Ankle: 10 1/2

So… with some wildly varying measurements, I’ve lost five poounds and -1/2 inches over all. Maybe some errors in measurement? As a general trend, it seems I’m lossing inches on the extremities and gaining inches on the torso, while tightening the waist a little… Since a single set of measurements compared to a baseline does not imply statistical causality, this will require further monitoring. Heh… the phrase “statistical causality” makes this sound really scientific… or just nerdy!

Last night’s workout:

Underhand Bent BB Rows, felt really strong
Warm up - 135 x12
Workset 1 - 225 x5
Workset 2 - 245 x5
Workset 3 to 5 - 255 x5

Back Squats, seem to be favouring my right side a little
Warm up - 135 x12
Workset 1 - 225 x5
Workset 3 to 5 - 305 3x5

Dips, still feeling strong
Warm up - BW x12
Work sets - BW +45 5x5

Ab Roll-Outs from knees - 3x8, starting to like this movement

Just noticed that I may have misread the volume on this workout! I really like these exercises… Gotta remember to up the intensity next week!

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