Buffalo Weigh-In and Pic

This was on my other PC so I am a little late to the show. I started on Monday but here is my weigh in and picture

Chest - Upper 43.5
Chest - Lower 41
Waist - at Navel 44
Waist - at largest 44.25
Hips - at largest 41.5
Upper Arm - L 12.75
Upper Arm - R 12.75
Upper Leg - L 22
Upper Leg - R 24
Lower Leg - L 17
Lower Leg - R 16.65
Ankle - L 9.5
Ankle - R 9.75

yesterday’s work out:
4x10r dumbell squats @ 50lbs
4x10r dumbell bench press @30lbs ea.
4x10r Bent-over row-Dumbells @30lbs ea (LOL almost puked)
2mins,1 min, 30sec, 30 sec Plank hold

Today I walked my NEMA downtown and I heard 3 gun shots, saw 2 zombies(crack heads) and saw a sign advertising the Grease Pole Festival. I need another route.


5x10r Romanian deadlift @70lbs
5x10r Lat Pulldown-underhand grip @ 110lbs
5x10r Standing Shoudler press-Barbell@20lbs
4 side plank holds (2 on each side)

Only heard on gun shot on the way home but I did see a crack pipe. ahh Buffalo…


Yesterday I had my first HSM! Yay. Unfortunately I was stuck at a birthday party and could not make it to a restaurant so I ended up eating the veggies out of the dip platter and some roast beef. If I though ahead I would have brought another shake and nixed the HSM until today.

Today I did my first V Challenge. Whoa! It was Tits McGee at first but I got winded after the second circuit. I felt like a pussy but I had to go puke. Ha! There was an art festival outside my house at the time and a family was walking by as I blew chunks off my porch. Great… now I’m “That Guy”.

During my NEPA walk I did notice that I have a lot more energy. I was walking faster without as much of a burn in my leg muscles so I walked even faster. I even worked my calves by going up and down with my tiptoes on the curb as I waited for the light to change.

I am really feeling good!

Height 5’9"
Weight 210
Neck 17"
Shoulders 49"
Chest - Upper 43.75"
Chest - Lower 39"
Waist - at Navel 42.75"
Waist - at largest 42.75"
Hips - at largest 39.5"
Upper Arm - L 13.5"
Upper Arm - R 13.5"
Upper Leg - L 25.5"
Upper Leg - R 25.45"
Lower Leg - L 16.25"
Lower Leg - R 16.25"
Ankle - L 9.6"
Ankle - R 9.55"

13lbs in a week is a great accomplishment. yeah yeah a lot of it is water weight, but whatever. i’m sure your clothes are feeling a lot looser on you right now.

keep it up!

good to see that you stepped it up and are taking it seriously this time around. once you get week 2 under your belt, you’ll be cruising. just don’t lose faith during week 2. you mentioned that you feel the best you have in a long time… just wait dude. physiology and psychology are highly interlinked,and you will experience this. once you hit the stage where looking better is subconsciously allowing you to work out harder, your progress will skyrocket.

keep your log updated. not just to have records, but it will help keep you in line during rough patches and moments of weakness. keep it up dude.

Cool very cool… So I am doing the beginner program since I have not lifted in like 10 years but today I felt like I could eat lightning and crap thunder. I stepped up the weight but it doesn’t feel like it is enough. I walked out of the gym feeling the same as I walked in. Shouldn’t I feel a little beat up? I am home after my NEPA now and I am full of piss and vinegar. I feel like working out more with my weights but I don’t want to over do things. I’m thinking of stepping up to intermediate this week. I’ll post my workout next blog. Right now I am going to pose this question to Chris.

Oh and for some reason I can smell food like Spiderman can sense shit. I actually have a strong will power and I go with it but it does make me hungry a wee bit. Thatâ??s when I ignore it and do something else. “With great power comes great responsibility”

This was a little too easy:

4 sets dumbell squats @ 70lbs (started first reps with 60lbs before I started over with 70Lbs)
7 sets dumbell bench press @40lbs ea. (I did 2 sets before I upped weight and started over)
6 sets Bent-over row-Dumbells @50lbs ea (same as above)
1mins, 45 sec, 30sec, 20 sec Plank hold

Day 9: (Test of self control)

Workout went well today I up’d my weights 40lbs on the Romanian dead lift. Up’d 30lbs on the Lat Pull down and 15lbs up ea. on the Shoulder press W/dumbbells.

It was the most challenging day for this:
My old drinking buddy came to town for a visit tonight. We used to leave a trail of demolished hotel rooms and dead hookers back in the day. Usually when we meet up and first make eye contact I swear I can hear a rattlesnake rattle followed by the theme song to The good, Bad and the ugly. Ya ee ya ee yaaaa… wah wah waaahhhh just before one of us orders the shots of Jager.

The rest of the night usually plays out like “The Hangover” if you have seen that movie yet (Funny as hell BTW). We played it cool (No drinks) but it was hard seeing him have a beer and I could not join. No big deal… Then his food comes out (Mind you we are in my favorite steak and burgers place). He gets one of the burgers that have little bits of sausage in the patty cooked over the pit with pepper jack cheese and still pink in the middle.

The smell was intoxicating but that was not it. This place serves the BEST Buffalo wings I ever had and he had a 10pc order sitting right in the middle of the table. Ok I am Pavlov’s dog at this point. I tried to focus on my glass of water with a lemon in it but it was hard. He didn’t even finish either plate that bastard!. A few times while we were talking I caught myself unconsciously reaching toward the plate of wings. I know I did it to myself. He offered to eat then come see me later but I insisted that I have no urges to eat outside my diet. Faaaahk… Man I can be a dick to myself sometimes.

Well, I didn’t cave and I feel good. I was surprised that it affected me that much. I am not someone that freaks over food. I’m over weight because I usually don’t eat during the day then over eats at night after a few beers. Anyway… Donâ??t try what I did at home. I’m a professional… Idiot.

Day 10 here I come.

What is up with posting on this site? Anone else having trouble? Half the time it goes to “page cannot be displayed” and when I do post my words are mispelled with symbols anf the paragraph spacing is all screwed up… Wierd. I’m starting to get board fighting it. Last week it deleated 30mins worth of typing when i hit submit. WTF?

yeah i get thos intermittent submit bugs as well.

congrats on not chowing down on the wings and burger. i know myself, i’d be absolutely miserable in such circumstances so i’m avoiding going out altogether while on this diet.

Yeah great job not chowing. I had a similar experience with a business meeting and prime rib!

Like you I’ve set myself up for the big test this Sunday. I agreed to meet friends at our favorite Italian restaurant. Lucikly my HSM day is tomorrow and I’ll get my fill of the good stuff. Stay on track - you’re doing everything right. Remember: Before = dickydo; After = dickydon’t!

Thanks all,
When I thought about eating I just thought about how much I invested into this diet and why I should ruin it. If that doesn’t work. I think about my gut and how much I hate that it casts a shadow on my sundial.

Grace has the idea. You plan your HSM around it. You can’t go to a resterant if you are not going to eat.

Day 12 Friday 6/19

Upped my weight 40lbs on Deadlift-Sumo stance 110lbs x 7 sets

Upped my weight 5lbs on incline dumbell bench press- N grip 40lbs x 7 sets

upped weight 15lbs. on Lat pulldown -wide 140lbs x 6 sets

Plank holds kick my ass.

Day 14 Sun 6/21

Comarison weight in:

Height 5’9"- Same
Weight 223 - 207.6 lbs
Neck1 6.75 - 16"
Shoulders 49.5 - 48.5"
Chest - Upper 43.5 - 43.5"
Chest - Lower 41 - 39.25"
Waist - at Navel 44 - 40"
Waist - at largest 44.25 - 40.5"
Hips - at largest 41.5 - 38.75"
Upper Arm - L 12.75 - 13.25"
Upper Arm - R 12.75 - 13.25"
Upper Leg - L 22 - 24"
Upper Leg - R 24 - 24"
Lower Leg - L 17 - 16"
Lower Leg - R 16.65 - 16"
Ankle - L 9.5 - 9.40
Ankle - R 9.75 - 9.45

Doing pretty good at increasing weight. I am starting to get board of the diet. I miss food. One more week until Phase 2

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