Buffalo Chicken


Anyone have any suggestions for a recipe for a Buffalo chicken sandwich or maybe even pizza? Its always been a weakness of mine


Its my HSM tomorrow and I seriously though this was gonna be a recipe for some sort of buff. delight…


Would be awesome if there was a recipe though!


I’m pretty sure there’s a pizza recipe on here. The only thing you need to add is the buffalo chicken, which isn’t bad for you at all.

All you need to do is dice up some chicken breasts and cook them up either on the barbecue or in a pan with a little extra virgin olive oil. I recommend just putting the sauce on after it’s cooked, because I find that whenever I marinate chicken in buffalo sauce, it never “sticks” to the chicken- which is a waste of money/time/calories.

Grab the franks buffalo sauce, as I think that tastes best. You can just put it on the chicken plain.

For the bread, I would use lettuce leaves. Make a side salad with it to fill you up.

You can also get ground up chicken meat and make chicken burgers- smother that in the hot sauce- that’s like a buffalo chicken element in a way. Maybe melt on some fresh mozzarella. I don’t know how clean you are trying to keep it.

If you’re looking for a fried buffalo chicken alternative (one that is breaded)- I personally don’t have much experience with different healthier alternative than flour/bread crumbs. I know people use almond flour here, but I don’t know how that tastes or if it would work in the process.

You can throw some avocado on your sandwich if you like the taste. Theres also a healthy mayo here- you can make that mayo and then go into the ethnic food aisle of your store and get canned chipotles and mix one of them into the mayo to make a little chipotle mayo for your sandwich. You can also use a fat free greek yogurt with the chipotles- I don’t like plain greek yogurt so this is too yogurty for me personally, but if you like the taste then go ahead and put a little on.

EDIT: There’s a parmesan chicken recipe on here. Make the chicken and as he recommend and just use buffalo instead of tomato sauce.


Almond flour makes for some good fried chicken/fish/etc :stuck_out_tongue:

Flax works for some things, maybe a mix of both depending on what you got, like a pork chop.


Make chicken, shred
Add in cream cheese
Add Frank’s to taste