Buckwheat Flour


Has anyone experimented with buckwheat flour?

I last used it years ago when I was caught in a running / pancake phase.

I was thinking of using it in a 1:2 ratio with almond flour to still keep carbohydrate content reasonably low but see if it had any beneficial affect on the texture / moisture of the finished product. I was thinking of baking some flatbreads on the new oven stone I picked up last week.

If you have any insights that might be helpful let me know. I plan on spending Sunday morning doing some baking and making a pizza before the Bears vs. Packers game. Go Bears!


I don’t use it myself. Coconut flour and almond flour suit my needs without all the carbs. Buckwheat flour is gluten-free, but still a cereal grain/flour, so it’s not for this FFB.


It’s technicly not a grain, its a psuedo cereal. It is really a fruit seed, treat it like red and waxy potatoes and eat them if you are already lean to begin with and need the calories.


True, buckwheat is not a grass, but a flowering pseudocereal. So that’s good. Still starchy though, still a pretty high G.I.

Personally, I’d avoid it. If you handle carbs very well and have no excess body fat worries, then go for it.


I found a pancake recipe which is 1/3 each almond, coconut, and buckwheat flower. Looked pretty light and fluffy. If it makes a considerable difference in the texture I will probably use it sparingly on my high carb days. If not there is no reason to use it.

Thanks for the input guys, and I will let you know how it turns out. Plan on making a batch with and a batch without for a direct comparison.


Buckwheat flour is definitely “in” the old school bodybuilding. I always thought it was an acceptable carbohydrate for dieting. According to Google, 100% buckwheat Flour has a GI of 35 (same as nuts). Other charts claim a GI of 50. Bothe are considered low, but which GI value is correct? Is this the wrong chart or do you know of a more accurate chart?

Also, most buckwheat pancake mixes (axtually all the ones I have seen) contain a proportion of buckwheat flour and stone ground whole wheat flour. This is not the same as 100% buckwheat flour and thus will change the GI value considerably.

I’ve experimented with 100% buckwheat flour. I bought 100% whole buckwheat from Hodgson Mills. I added the right ratio of baking poweder and half the amount of recommended salt and mixed it all together. The baking powder just adds sodium, but it gives the buckwheat flour the right texture to make into a pancake. At that point, pour the mixed flour into a bowl and add 1 cup of plain Almond Milk with Vanilla (no sugar) if you are using 1 cup of buckwheat flour. It makes a great pancake that tastes the same as regular wheat pancakes. Also, I uses Walden Farms zero calorie pancake syrup and it tastes like the real deal pancake breakfast!


Here is one glycemic index I found:

Glycemic Index List of Popular Foods
On Steve Sauder Homepage
Seen at h
Glucose referenced GI
Food GI

Acorns stewed with venison 16
Al dente spaghetti 31
All Bran 43
All Green Vegetable 15
Ancestral indian corn 24
Angel Hair 45
Apple 39
Apple Juice 41
Apricots, canned, syrup 64
Apricots, dried 35
Apricots, dried 31
Apricots, fresh 57
Arrowroot 67
B flour shortbread cookies 38
Bagel, white 72
Baisen (besan, chick pea flour) chapati 27
Bajra (millet) 57
Baked Beans canned 68
Baked beans, canned 48
Baked potatoes 66
Banana 54
Banana, unripe, steamed 1 hr. 70
Bananas, ripe 60
Barley chapati 43
Barley flour bread 67
Barley kernel bread 39
Barley, cracked 50
Barley, pearled 25
Barley, pearled 25
Barley, rolled 66
Basmati rice 35
Bean Threads 26
Beans, dried, not specified 28
Beans, dried, P. vulgaris 70
Beer 77
Beets 64
Bengal gram dal (chana dal) 8
Bengal gram dal with semolina 54
Black bean soup 64
Black beans 30
Black Eyed Peas 42
Black gram 43
Black gram dal with semolina 46
Blackbean seed 8
Black-eyed beans 41
Boiled peeled potatoes 49
Bran bread 31
Bran Buds 53
Bran Chex 59
Bread (Acacia coriacea) 46
Bread Products Bagel 72
Bread stuffing 74
Breadfruit 68
Breakfast bar 76
Breton Wheat Crackers 67
Broad beans (fava beans, fool, foul) 79
Brown beans 38
Brown lentils 21
Buckwheat 55
Buckwheat (kasha) 54
Buckwheat flour 35
Buckwheat pancake 35