British gals v-diet log


hey ok so I’ve literally just signed up to this website so i’m not quite sure how things work round here, i have however spent alot of time reading pps posts and experiences on the v-diet and their very motivating i only hope i have as much strength and will power!

i am starting tomorrow: mon feb 23

ok so being a brit means i have a hard time gettin Biotest products so have had to substitute them as best i can, altho i’m not sure wat to do about the leucine and superfood, any ideas??

ok my supplements thus far are:
reflex casein protein : chocolate
bodyfortress whey protein: vanilla
reflex whey protein 5lb
glutamine powder
linsprout (milled flaxseed)
flaxseed capsules
fish oil capsules
lipo 6
cnp pro-recover

i’m sure theres somet ive forgotten to list, becos i cant get Metabolic Drive, ive decided to combine the whey with the casein in the shakes

meal plan
meal 1 & 4
1 1/2 scoop whey protein
2 scoops casein (is small scooper)
1 teaspoon benefibre
1 teaspoon glutamine
1 tablespoon linesprout
16 oz coldwater & ice
supps: (meal 1) 1 cod liver oil capsule, 2 lipo 6
(meal 4) 1 omega 3-6-9 capsule
meal 2
same as above without linsprout
supps: 2flax capsules

meal 3
1 scoop whey
2 scoop casein (200 cal)
supps: 2 fish oil caps, 2 lipo 6

meal 5
same as meal 1 & 4 but with teaspoon peanut butter instead of linsprout
supps: 1 flax capsule, 1 fish oil capsule

workout days:
also have shake of 2 scoop cnp pro-recover

workout days are: mon, wed, fri and the v-burn challenge is on sat

now all that stuff is out the way, on to the embarrassing stuff…

ok why am i doing the velocity diet? well i started workin out back in october after i’d let myself get to a maaahuusiive 185 + pounds from drinkin every nite and eatin crap at uni for 2 yrs. it took me a fair while to get on the scales cos i was scared lol, pathetic i no.

anyway i decided enuf was enuf and decided to do somet about it i got down to 160 and hit a plateau, i was gettin really frustrated about it i tried switchin up my routines but still nada, so i tried the v-diet,

i got the numbers completely wrong becos as i sed earlier being a brit its hard to get Biotest products and ended up consumin about 1000 cals a day and i was doin heavy cardio thinkin i cud ignore chris’s advice…bad idea! yea i got down to 150 in first week but i made myself really ill and stopped

anyway ive given myself a couple weeks recovery in which time i consumed alot of crap which i am so p**sed at myself for doing I’m not gonna make excuses cos there is none so just need to just accept wat is past and move on from here.

so ihave revised my numbers so their correct this time, also other then the switch in products (i no doesnt advise it but ave no choice!) i will be following the velocity diet 3.0 to a T with workouts and cal intake

my cal numbers are 1300 on nonworkout days and 1700 on workout days

my ultimate goal is 130 lb
here are my stats:

belly (widest part) 37
waist 31.5
hips 36
chest 37.5
underchest 33.5
arms 12
quad 23.5
calf 14.5
forearm 9.5
wrist 6
ankle 8.5
neck 13.5

weight: 160 uggh

so yeap thats the embarrasin stats, at least it isnt as bad as wen i first started lol, bring on the v-diet!
im looking forward to the challenge, i need to change my mentality and be stronger and this diet is def gona help with that!

so here we go! thanks for taking the time to read, i appreciate it, wish me luck!

oo yea and the embarrassin b4 photos: uugggh


oops stuck that photo at the top lol ah well well heres the side pic too, shameful or what!