Brian Green Log 1

Received my package today and wanted to start a new log. I’m new at this and just interested how it help me with crossfit which I’ve been doing for 6 months now.

First day was pretty good. I think I felt a little of the impact. May be too early to tell, but I did feel more powerful.

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Back Side before the Product
Before MicroPA

Side View
Before Micro-PA

Legs after one day of the product, meant to take it before though. It’s just been one day, going on number two.

One bicep after a day meant to take it before, I’m aware of the bodybuilding pose just haven’t found someone to take it. Going to try to take it in the gym soon though or try to get someone to take it for me.

2nd day of working out. I’m feeling better strength and a little better endurance. I hope everyday keeps going swell.

Kind of late of taking results pictures, but you still definitely see the impact Micro-PA still has on me. Took these pictures. Today, I plan on ordering the stack soon or Plazma next month. Haven’t made up my mind. I change my opinion on what products I want to use by the time the next month starts. I try to take it one day time.

Anyhow, below are the pics. Overall, I liked the product like I said before a little expensive, but overall I still believe it has added to the success that I have now. I am pleased with my body. I wish I did less cheating and stayed more on my paleo diet though. I’m trying a 30 day no cheat plan soon:

back legs

side body

left side

front body


sucky webcam quality

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