Breakfast for People Who Hate/Can't Eat Breakfast

When I was young my mom sent me to school sick every day because she forced me to eat breakfast. It just sits in my stomach and makes me nauseous. Now I’m almost 50 and haven’t eaten breakfast since I went off to college. As I try to gain mass, that may be a hindrance. I have experimented with a few light things and as long as it isn’t too much, too heavy or too greasy I find I can tolerate it. What do you suggest? I’m thinking a supplement but I’m open to your superior knowledge. Which would be better for this purpose, Mag-10, Metabolic Drive or a Metabolic Drive bar? Or something else?
Thanks in advance for your insight.

When I spent a lot of time at Biotest HQ and didn’t have time to eat a “real” breakfast I would have a serving of MAG-10 and 10-15 minutes later a FINIBAR. Worked great, always make solid gains.

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Which would be better for this purpose, Mag-10, Metabolic Drive or a Metabolic Drive bar?[/quote]
Like Thib said, Mag-10 is a very good choice for first thing in the morning. It’s definitely light and easy to get down. Metabolic Drive is a classic and gives you the obvious option to create any blender bomb with whatever ingredients you’re up for. Easy and quick enough to throw together 2 scoops of protein, a handful of berries, some spinach, and be on your way. That’d be substantial and would fill you up more.

Metabolic Drive bars aren’t an option anymore because they’re done, but like Thib said again, Finibars are a great bar choice to keep you going. Very light and easy to digest.

I always keep a bunch of hard-boiled eggs in the fridge. They’re almost never a bad idea. Or maybe shift away from the idea of “breakfast foods” for breakfast. Dinner leftovers are fine anytime. Or “lunch foods” like a cup of tuna salad or a roast beef sandwich.

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