Brandon's V-Diet Log

V-Diet Kickoff - T-Minus 18 hours!

The boxes arrived last week.

Test-drove a couple of the workouts. This is going to be tough/good/awesome. Got buy-in from the family and everything will be a ‘go’ tomorrow morning bright and early.

A local friend is also doing this with me so we can co-miserate and our families can console themselves while the dads go off the Velocity deep end.

Pictures and measurements will be taken tomorrow morning.

Looking forward to using this forum as that accountability tool.


Day one of the diet.

18.4% BF

Exactly one week and 2 days after running the quicksilver 50k. Time to take a break from running and focus on the lifts and body comp.

Here we go!

2nd photo - side view
For some reason there’s a flash shadow…

Day one is done!

I’m probably going to hold off on the daily posting and simply post groupings of days.

27 more to go!

Day 1 - 3 DONE!

Workouts are going well. Subbing ring dips for decline press and ring pull-ups for neutral grip pull-ups. Hand walk outs are getting easier. Also getting easier are stair climbs. Step-ups with a 40lb vest on a 24" box might have helped with that, and being 5lbs lighter…

Surge is of course disgusting. But still drinkable, I just add more water and shoot it.

So far so good.

First week complete.

weight: down 4lbs

biggest change: down 2 inches off the gut.

Front squat weight stayed the same at 195lbs. This week was able to hit all 20 reps. Also went up in the bench press. Used the 24kg kettlebells for pressing and it was adequately more difficult than the 20kg bells.

Started adding weight to the chin-ups, just a 10kg kettlebell, hit 10, then 5 and 5 on the reps.

Ab-rollouts are also getting easier.

I SWEAT A LOT on these workouts. It might be that I’m actually getting more water and less beer/wine… Haven’t touched alcohol in 7 days, although when I’m in social situations (three BBQ’s last week) I can smell it, which is odd because I’ve never noticed that before.

Had some odd cramping in the quads at random times on day 5 and 6.

For V-burn, I actually got slower than my test round. Not sure why though. I’ve swapped double-unders for j-rope, elevated feet pike-push-ups, full burpees (push-up and jump), and kept to the more difficult options for the intermediate workout series. Not doing 60 HSPU yet, but I’ll get there.

Deadlifts I’ve had to keep light because of previous back injury. Looking forward to when that’s healed up.

all said and done it was a solid week.

Ready for week 2!

Cool stuff with the reverse lunge workout.

Intermediate level, with some tweaks.

Instead of reverse lunges - step ups at 24" box. Last week: 40lbs. This week: 52.

Push press: last week - 95lbs, this week - 100.

Pendlay rows: last week 135, this week 140

Curls: last week 45, this week 55

Knees to elbows: last week severely broken. This week, easier and less broken.

As for bodyweight, I am lighter, and the body comp is going the right direction. I just feel really hungry more often than not.

So far so good, I’m staying with it!

Day 12!

Still in it to win it!

For NEPA, yesterday went to the local pool and swam for an hour. Then today I setup, hand mixed, and poured 160lbs of concrete for two small atlas stones. Then later took the dog to a park to throw the ball.

Lifts are going well. My trap bar came in this week so I subbed trapbar deadlifts instead of conventional - totally different movement. Didn’t realize the leverages are THAT much better. Overall recovery is amazing and my resting HR is in the mid 40’s now.

Nutrition wise, this week’s HSM was more moderate than last week’s. Possibly due to the fact my stomach has shrunk to the size of a straw…

Still enjoying a cup of coffee a day and now trying the prescribed 2 HOT-ROX 2x per day. No real issues to speak of.

People tell me that they’re going to try the V-diet too. People that don’t workout. I think they’re in for a shock if they do. The training is not easy, and of course, neither is giving up alcohol, and doing the 5-shakes a day. I can only imagine what level of shock some people go through when they take this kind of diet and training approach on.

Overall I’m not missing the beer as much as I am the meat products: hamburgers, steaks, burritos…

Anyways, 16 more days to go!

Day 13 - still doing the shakes.

V-Burn today. First round done in just over 3 minutes. Total time however was 33:32 (PR). That’s a full 2 minutes faster than my regular diet ‘test’ run. and 7 minutes faster than last week’s time.

Something is working. Clapping push-ups are easier, double-unders are better, even full burpees are getting tighter. The reverse lunges (10 each leg) still trash me. The feet elevated pikes are much easier. Almost time to add a free standing leg (hoping to get one round with HSPU).

Afterward, I felt terrible, like a nausea bus ran over me. Last few sets were burp and do a rep. It was ugly.

Measurements this week and we’ll see where things are stacking up.

Day 16!

Still in it. There have been a couple days where it’s been really hard to think about drinking more shakes. Mostly though, it’s not too bad.

Here are the latest stats:

  • 7lbs total weight lost, most of that was in the first week.
  • more body fat was lost (based on my Omron handheld device) on the second week than on the first.
  • measurements for the most part went down. Except for the chest. I suspect lat and chest development from the sheer number of pull-ups/push-ups related work.
  • 2.5" lost around the waist.

As for the workouts, realizing that the rest intervals are decreasing, I still went ahead and tried adding more weight.

For the Front Squats, I found my limit at 200lbs. Went from 4 reps at the beginning set to a series of singles at the end.

I’ve added more weight on the 24" step-ups. Going from two 26lb bells to two 35lb bells, I was able to fry myself pretty good today.

Looking forward to the deadlift this Friday. It’s been really low but I’m glad I can still move weight.

I’m seriously counting down the days/hours/minutes/seconds left before I can walk away from the diet part of this. The training and the recovery (Surge), I’ve grown to appreciate. I’m not that sore and I look forward to the workouts. Just the right blend of recovery and suck factor.

Onward and upward!

Day 19


First time getting the whole thing done sub 30! (26:30)

Intermediate program - 10 reps for each leg on single leg DL, and reverse lunges, swapped double-unders for J. Rope, full push-up with squat jump burpees for squat thrusts, and elevated feet for pike push-ups. Everything else as prescribed.

Diet is still going well. Friends and family are noticing the changes. Flexibility has improved and my resting heart rate hit new level at 40 bpm. While this whole thing is not easy, there’s not much I can complain about. It works and has surprising benefits.

Now to see how to integrate better eating habits post-v-diet…

Day 21!

Yesterday had the HSM at a friend’s house, also, margaritas. Bad idea. This morning’s workout was crap.

Lately been craving sweets and refined sugars. It’s distracting, but I wonder if it’s part of the v-experience…

Had to drop in weight for the front squats and dumbbell press. Chin-ups felt ridiculously light, then I remembered that I wasn’t adding weight like I normally do.

Today’s weight: 179, bodyfat %: 16.4%(Omron).

That’s a 2% drop in body fat, so I’ll take it!

Donated blood earlier this week.

They do a wellness summary and the results just came back today. Saw a pretty good drop in total cholesterol level: 230 (both good and bad levels) to 170. Pretty awesome.

Also… my resting heart rate got down to 40 beats per minute. Really interesting stuff.

Day 25 and I’m about to call it. Ready for real food!

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