Brain Candy vs Spike Shooter Double Shot

Currently, I am mixing 1 Brain Candy with 1 Caffeine Free Brain Candy then consume 1 of the two servings in the morning (save the other in the fridge for the next day). This gives me all the good stuff in Brain Candy but only around 150mg of caffeine, which I am looking to keep in this range. I can no longer manage a full Brain Candy (300mg) as my sensitivity has gone up with age plus I like the thought of minimal effect dose on most things especially stims.

No considering trying to replace this with 1 serving (1/2 bottle) of Spike Shooter Double shot which yields around 175mg (still within range for me). I want to make sure the double shot does NOT contain

Part of your text got cutoff. What are you looking to avoid, other than a big hit of caffeine?

Opps…avoiding yohimbine as well. Checking to make sure the double shot version does not contain it like the original shooter.

Also looking for anyone else that has used brain candy and the double shot and had an opinion.


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