Brain Candy on the V-Diet


Hey Chris,

I saw that T Nation was advertising a one day sale of Brain candy and unfortunately I missed it. After reading up on this product it seems like it would be of specific help for getting through the V-Diet (at least the rough first week some people encounter). I am currently in the midst of my second V-Diet and going strong, so while I don’t think it is necessary for me at the moment it is an interesting product to keep in mind.

I know that when you are detoxing, for lack of a better word, from a high calorie/fat/sugar diet you can experience some serious mood swings.

So my questions are: What do you think about taking the recommended dosage of Brain Candy while on the V-Diet (would it be too much with the HOT-ROX?) and when does T Nation plan on making it available again?


The label on Brain Candy says not to take with weight loss products or stimulants.

There will be a caffeine-free Brain Candy available in the future though. That may be okay to take with other products like HOT-ROX.

Brain Candy Original will be available in the online store in a week or so from what I’m hearing.