Brain Candy Effect


A lot of people ask me what Brain Candy does.

I always answer that it elevates your mood makes you more focused, energetic, confident, etc.

But one of my athletes probably described its effect as well as I’ve ever heard.

She told me “When I drink Brain Candy I feel the same way as when I’m super excited about doing something”… you know, that anticipatory buzz you feel just before going to something you’ve been really looking forward to.


I was telling a friend about Brain Candy, he said I must be exaggerating… below is the email that I got from him this morning…


What the fuck???

Dosed at 05:30. Shaking like a speed freak, sweating like I just finished having an hour of rabbit sex, ADD increased by a factor of 20, trying to control eye ball movement, Heart beat about 180,computer not fast enough to keep up, focus is razor sharp for about 3 seconds at a shot, typing like a secretary of 20 years, think I’ll leave work so I can rake the leaves, cut the grass, wash the truck wash the car, wash the cat, finish the bar. Think I just figured out how to build that High Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator, maybe I’ll start on that after lunch.

JESUS, think where we would be if Einstein and Tesla had this shit.

To You Bro,



lol. sounds like a typical naive caffeine response. No disrespect to your friend but “heart beat about 180” doesn’t sound like much of a cognitive enhancer

Also, usually the ingredients would decrease ADHD symptoms since tyrosine/caffeine and maybe cdp-choline are all dopaminergic