Brain Candy - BONUS!


not really looking for advice, but i wasn’t sure where to post this. I just received my order and found a little bonus, a 4 pack of Brain Candy! Big thanks to the Biotest team. I’ve got a week of meetings coming up next week and i look forward to seeing how the Brain Candy compares to the 5 hour energy i usually use in situations like this. this is just another reason that Biotest is the best supplement company out there.



I got the same! Love Biotest, they are a top notch company.
Perfect timing for me as well, I’m covering some shifts at work next week so I’m gonna be working about a 70-85 hours over the next week.


Tim Patterson, Biotest founder and head honcho, is great about slipping extra goodies into orders sometimes.

Enjoy the <a href=""target=“new”>Brain Candy.

nice… enjoy it. BC is one of the better ‘proprietary’ nootropic formulas on the market.

Brain Candy is awesome! I’m currently out and Monster energy just ain’t cutting it. My last order I got a free 2000 ML Nalgene bottle. Thanks guys!

Last order I also received a free 2000 ML Nalgene bottle and a funnel to go with it. I have a crazy month of April at work, and can’t wait to order Brian Candy to get me through it.

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