Brain Candy and Power Drive on Same Day?

I love Brain Candy (caff version) and Power Drive. Glad that both are currently available and I have them on hand. So, can I use both supps on the same day? I typically take a dose of Brain Candy in the morning (7:00am) on an empty stomach. If I’m dragging, I might pop a caff pill in the afternoon around 3:00pm (yes, I know Brain Candy label says don’t take other stims). I don’t drink coffee or anything else with caff in it. When I take Power Drive on its own, I would usually take it with a caff pill. I have never taken Brain Candy and Power Drive on the same day. But - I want to!! Could I take Power Drive in the afternoon instead of the caff pill?


It’s not really advised because they share ingredients, so you end up basically double-dosing on some stuff (just like you wouldn’t want to take two Brain Candy per day, for example).

Between the two, Brain Candy has everything that’s in Power Drive… and then some, so it’s the most advanced of the two. If you have them both, you could use them on alternating days, for example Brain Candy the morning of non-lifting days, Power Drive before workouts. Or vice versa. There’s some room to play around with it in that regard.

EDIT: @Rykker, I know you had a similar question, so this info should also help. I had tried e-mailing you twice about your thread in the other forum but the e-mail kept bouncing back. Sorry for the trouble.

Thank you sir.

Sorry for the late reply, but I just saw this post for the first time this morning.

Thanks very much for the info, Chris. That answers my question exactly.
Not sure what’s up with my email address, but I’ll check my setting here.

Thanks again!

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