Brain Candy, Alternative to ADHD Meds


I just wanted to thank Biotest for this incredible product. I have been on ADHD meds since I was 13 and am 20 now. I was taking 70mg vyvanse and the problems that it was causing in my life with anxiety, insomnia, irritability as well as negatively affecting my workouts due to its vasoconstricting properties, was getting terrible. Then boom I discovered Brain Candy and it has helped me completely ween off the meds! My psychiatrist was pissed and tried to talk me out of it of course but there’s no way I’m going back!

Salute to Biotest and their INCREDIBLE line of products. The Brain Candy, ElitePro Minerals, Superfood, creatine and BCAA peptides have quickly become a staple of mine.


That’s fantastic!


Damn…i’m on 60mg of Vyvanse…first 3 days were wonderful…now it’s just kinda meh. Biotest gonna start takin copays…


Alright well I tried Brain Candy…unfortunately I didn’t feel a thing. :frowning: That’s a huge bummer I was really looking forward to it.


Disclaimer: I know very little about ADHD, and even less about Vyvanse, but…

What was your previous stimulant usage like? Anything? Also, did you drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach? Food can really interfere with the absorption and utilization of the amino acids.

Have you tried it multiple times, or was this the first shot? I’ve noticed before when I’ve stopped and then started again that I felt even better after a few days of consecutive use.


This was my first dose ever. I woke up at 6am, drank the shot, got ready and drove straight to work. This is the non-caffeinated version of Brain Candy. I did that so I could still enjoy my coffee.

Got to work, and was immediately roped into a meeting. Got out an hour later, drank my coffee, took my vyvanse, along with my Metabolic Drive shake and Superfood for breakfast. After another hour of nothing I drank a sugar free zero cal monster. Around 1030 I drank my first half of Plazma and went to the gym. trained for about an hour and had finished my Plazma. Went back to work and started in on my second shake. It just felt like any other day to me.

My son, who is 17, is finishing up high school and also taking college courses through his stem school. He asked if he could try one to see if it helped with his class work. I allowed it since I knew he had energy drinks before and didn’t appear to be sensitive to caffeine or b vitamins. He reported the same as me. Maybe we just metabolize it super fast…I dunno…I’ve got 14 more bottles to find out. I had really hoped for the same results I’ve seen others post.


I prefer the caffeinated version, especially if you’re chasing a certain mindset/“feeing” like the vyvanse. Try that next time. I can’t believe you’re able to drink coffee take vyvanse and drink a monster and have a decent workout! I feel like my heart would explode! Not only that but vyvanse and amphetamines seriously inhibit vasodilation so definitely rethink the timing on the vyvanse. Ideally I train super early and have the vyvanse afterwards with my post workout meal. I however am detoxing from stimulants currently. Just my 2 cents friend. Also, I’m assuming you recently started taking vyvanse since you said first 2 days were great? Be careful man that’s not a rabbit hole you want to go down. i recommend doing a stimulant/caffeine detox and then after a month incorporate brain candy in your regiment.


I think I am going to quit vyvanse completely. I was new to it. I had only been taking it for a month, then the doctor wanted me to take it twice a day since it wore off. That crap is expensive, no thanks, lol. The benefits it had were very short lived and all it did was make my anxiety worse in the evening. I do appreciate the feedback since you’ve had quite a bit of experience with the med.
Once i’m done with my velocity diet I will take the advice on a stimulant break. When I have done that in the past it worked pretty well. Steadily my caffeine use would rise up chasing wakefulness. Right now I need all the energy I can get. (Ultimately having a manual labor job again would be the best if I could get paid what I make now to do that)

I had my third Brain Candy and still don’t feel a thing. My wife took one today and said she would get back to me at the end of the day. After an hour she still didn’t feel any different. She doesn’t even drink caffeine. I’m glad it’s working out really well for you though, and I hope it continues to do so!


I’ve found the caffeine free brain candy works best if I got a really good 7-9 hours of sleep the night before. If you are/were taking an additional 60mg of vyvanse in the afternoon I’m sure you most likely couldn’t sleep until last 12am, at least that’s how I am. If I take it past 9am I’m not sleeping that night. I also highly recommend investing in rhodiola. The thing about vyvanse is it’s an amphetamine that floods the brain with dopamine and brain candy or any natural supplement can’t do it on the level a synthetic pharmaceutical stimulant can. Another use is to use the brain candy when you begin to crash from the vyvanse and get the anxiety/irritability.


I really appreciate the info. I usually get about 7hrs a night. I wake at 6am and was taking it very soon after. My nighttime med was Trazadone and celexa. That knocked me out pretty quick at 1030pm. I’ll look into the rhodiola. The suck is the vyvanse really helped me with energy throughout the day and not nodding off…so now I’m back to doing that even with brain candy. Let me know if you think of anything else to share!