Boxer Doing the V-Diet

I train boxing (amateur, master’s division, age 45, have had one fight so far), want to do the V-Diet to get down closer to the weight class I want to be in at 178 lb. I fought at 201 (weighed in at 197 dehydrated by 5 pounds or so) in June. i weigh about 210 now (thought I was in the low-mid 20’s on BF, but BodPod says I’m at 30% - damn…). I’ve been weight training for 3 years, and have lost about 50-60 pounds over those 3 years.

I’m willing to do the V-Diet 3x/wk workouts, the NEPA, and the Sat or Sun bodyweight workout. But I don’t want to give up my 2x/wk boxing training. If I leave that in (I do about 75-90 minutes at fairly high intensity twice a week), am I at risk of overtraining if I’m on the V-Diet?


What you could do is skip the V-Burn Challenge and add the two boxing sessions. That should be fine. Remove one scoop of protein on boxing days, and instead sip one scoop of Surge just before, during, and after boxing practice.

Thanks. I’ll give that a shot. My trainer is on board with the V-Diet, so I’m going to go for it. I just ordered the package of products tonight and will start next week. Is there a place to download everything in one PDF file or is it only available piecemeal on the V-Diet section of the T-Nation site?

There’s not one big PDF, but the plans are printable.

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