Bottles Needed?


Hey all,

Can anyone advise me how many Flameout, Metabolic Drive (Do you include FA3 now ?) etc etc for the V-Diet including the tapering off weeks.

I’ll be ordering off and they don’t have the package deal.

Want to diet back down now - cheers people and have a fantastic Christmas !



Nevermind !

I found the calculate form and it told me what I need.

Amazing what some research will turn up huh.


ps; No work on FA3 though… are people including it ?


You may include FA3 if you’d like, but it’s not a must. I’d take a capsule with every shake, or 4 capsules with the final shake of the day. Up to you.


Taking 4 a day at the moment with 4 Flameout. Seems to boost your energy … Though I do admit to being a spike Addict ! Since moving to the uk it’s Biotest everything :slight_smile:

Looking to begin on the 28th not even going to drink for the new year as an Irish guy !

Thanks for the answer & diet I hope to do it justice.