Bookem's V-Diet 3.0 Log

Although this is first entry of my log I have been doing a modified V-Diet Lite for the past week but today is day #1 of the full on 28 day V-Diet. For the past week I have drinking the shakes for every meal except dinner and doing all the workouts. Dinners have not been pig out meals, they have been sensible and low carb, except for New Years Eve.

With that out of the way, here we go.

Starting status as on 12/29.

Weight - 193
BF% - 22%
Neck - 15 1/2
Shoulders - 17 1/2
Upper Chest - 39 1/4
Lower Chest - 37
Waist @ Naval - 39
Waist @ Largest 39 1/4
Hips - 40
Upper L Arm - 12 3/4
Upper R Arm - 13
Upper L Leg - 23 1/2
Upper R Leg - 22 1/2
Lower L Leg - 15 1/4
Lower R Leg - 15 1/2
Ankle L - 8 1/4
Ankle R - 8 1/2

I took pictures last week and will post them once I get home as I don’t have them on this computer.

See you all on the other side!




Day #1 of the true V-Diet is almost over. I was at work today for the first time and it was sooooo much harder to control my cravings than when I was at home doing the V-Diet Lite last week. But I made it through the day with no slips and I am enjoying the highlight of my day, the evening chocolate shake with peanut butter.

Day #2, here I come.

Day #2 - Non Workout Day

Got on the scale today for the first time since my weigh-in last week - down 3 lbs. Not bad for less than a week and doing the v-diet lite ramping up for this week. I’ll weigh again next Monday and see where I am and do another bf% measurement because that’s where I hope to see true progress. My pants fit a bit better today :).

Goal for the day - 100% compliance with the diet.

The afternoon of day 2 got pretty rough. Around 3:30 I started not feeling well and really struggling. It didn’t help to come home to my family getting ready to sit down to dinner. Even though they were having a healthy dinner it was still rough. The veggies and chicken breast my wife was having looked sooooo good. But I made it. I had my shake and threw in the peanut butter which you usually have with the bedtime shake. The peanut butter is quickly becoming the highlight of my day!

Boy oh boy was last night tough, I even contemplated quicking already. But I made it through and today is a new day. Breakfast shake down and into the swing of things.

Feeling really sick to my stomach this morning and I have a terrible headache. I hope this all passes soon.

Just threw up!

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