Bodyweight Alternative Exercises

I’ll be starting the Velocity plan here soon but need to change the exercises. I’m on a island in the South Pacific and driving across the island at 0400 to fit in a workout before work is unfeasible, as is after work.

I have a doorway pullup bar (irongym), a pair of gymnastic rings, full loop exercise bands #1 (red), #2 (purple), #3 (purple)and #4 (green), jump rope Ab wheel, and a yoga mat.

I wanted to stick with the same rep set up and this is what I am thinking of using for the Intermediate Workout:

20 rep heavy 4-5RM
A) Front Squat - replace with Pistols single leg squat
B) Pull up - leave as is
C) Dumbbell Bench - replace with push ups with extra band resistance to get the reps hard enough for the 4-5 RM
D) Ab Wheel - leave as is

40 rep medium 8-9 RM
A) Reverse Lunge - not sure replace with Pistols single leg squat ???
B) Bent over Row - replace with body weight row with the rings, adjust feet to get the resistance right
C) Push Press - replace with Hand stand Push ups
D) Barbell curl - not sure either bodyweight ring curls or use the resistance bands???
E) Reverse Crunch - replace with hanging leg raises

40 rep medium 8-9 RM
A) Deadlift - not sure maybe Wall Walking???
B) Incline Dumbbell Press - replace with ring push ups
C) pull up - leave as is
D) Hand walk out - leave as is

The ones I’m not sure on are the curls, deadlift and reverse lunges. Wall Walks are starting 2-3 ft from wall, reach behind until hand s touch wall, walk down the wall with your hands until in a full bridge at the floor and then go back up.

If you have to switch up the exercises, stick with the same movement pattern (squat, hinge/deadlift variation, pull, push, etc.) and, with bodyweight variations or really any of them, make sure the resistance is enough to be challenging in the target rep range. This article about band training might give you some more ideas.

That sounds fine enough. Push-ups on the rings would be another alternative, instead of on the floor with bands. If you go with pistols, make sure you use enough resistance, if any, that you can only do 4-5 per leg per set.

You don’t want the same leg exercise in both sessions, so the reverse lunge should be fine as-is, just use the bands with the lead foot on the band holding the other end. Ring rows, sometimes called fat-man pull-ups, are a great alternative. How many handstand push-ups can you currently do? Some kind of one-arm band press, or even simple band lateral raises, might be a better way to go. And I’d go with the band curls and stick with reverse crunches.

For the deadlifts, I’d use the bands (holding multiple bands if necessary) for a similar movement, even if it’s more of a Romanian deadlift. I can’t see wall walking as a comparable alternative. For the incline db press, any kind of feet-elevated push-up would be a closer substitute.


Thanks for the suggestions. I did Monday’s workout today with the ones I listed and they worked fine. Had to change the bands across my back for the push ups to get the rep range correct.

I’ll change over to what you suggested for the other days and see how it goes.


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