Body Fat % Going Up As Weight Goes Down


So far on the diet I have dropped about 10 pounds in the first 16 days. My strength is about the same and my pictures look great. My abs are in and arms are leaning out but ALL of my body fat Pinches have gone up. The abs are more defined buy my lower ab pinch went from a 22-25. My chest went from a 12 to a 15. And my thigh pinches have never been higher than a 14 are at a 17 or 18!. I am not happy about this. I have followed this diet pretty religously and my strength is good but they were higher a few days ago and I retried today and it was the same today. I have the same person pinching me and they are pretty skilled and experienced. Your thoughts??


You’ve lost weight, pictures look great, strength is good, you have abs now, but your “pinches” are up?

My thoughts are you need rely on the mirror not some person with a set of calipers.

What’s more important, how you actually look, or some arbitrary set of numbers?


From experience, calipers can be pretty badly behaved, if they are not calibrated correctly. Also even if it’s the same person taking measurements, unless they are taken in exactly the same spot, results vary. Sounds strange that your are getting more definition while pinch tests are going up. If you look better must be working though.