Body Comp Scan


I did a body comp scan before I started. I plan to do another one when done with the V-Diet. I am on day 28 today. My question is this. Should I do the scan this week right after the 28 days, or wait until I am done with the transition period?

Basically what I have decided is that this is a 6 week program, not 4 weeks. The workouts are for 6 weeks. So many people talk about “28 days”. But should my final weights, pics, measurements, etc be after six weeks?


It’s up to you. You’ll still lose fat during Transition so you may want to wait.

But a quick word of advice: If this “body scan” involves any kind if electrical scale you stand on or hold, don’t waste your money. They are neither accurate nor consistent.

Hopefully, you took the tape measurements the V-Diet plan suggests.


Thanks Chris. Yes, this body comp scan looks like a scale. That sucks that it isn’t accurate. I will have to find one that is more accurate. I have read that an under water one is best, but nowhere in my town do they have one of those.

I did also take my measurements. So I will put more stock in that. Thanks again.


Pics, mirror, tape measurements, scale.

In that order.

I wouldn’t bother with the rest, unless you can get a really qualified person to caliper you. (And if his calipers are made of plastic and cost $5, he’s not qualified.)