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5 years ago I had a “wake up” moment. I was very busy with work, teaching all day and working a second job after school, working on weekends, always eating on the road, getting lazier and fatter. One day, I’m putting on a belt in my bedroom that I typically wore 3 holes in. Gradually it got to 2 holes…1 hole…now I’m trying desperately to get just it on. Finally, after sucking in my gut and a breaking a decent sweat, I got the belt on, exhaled, and…POP. The belt buckle flew across the room and made a hole in the wall. I knew it was time for a change.

A few days later I hopped on the scale, expecting to see 175, 180 at the most. Nope, 205. At 5’4", I was completely disgusted with myself. How could I have let myself go so much? Determined to take charge of my health and my body, I started my journey to a better life.

After floundering around with some free weights and a pull up bar in my room, I stumbled across T-Nation, the most incredible resource for health and physique that exists for the public, and it’s FREE?! WHAT?! Literally thousands of articles, written by some of the best in the business, that if you take the time and persistence to read and learn, you can accomplish anything you want with the info available. So, I slowly started reading, reading, reading…reading some more, and eventually got a gym membership. Armed with Surge workout fuel, Indigo 3G, and a fantastic workout plan from T-Nation, I stepped into the gym for my first workout ever. Now, 4 years later, after using exclusively Biotest supplements and workout programs from T-Nation, I am preparing to step on stage for my first competitive bodybuilding contest, being coached by the “Mighty” Stu Yellin, an outstanding professional bodybuilder and coach I met on T-Nation. I never would have thought my life would be on this course, and I am beyond thrilled that at 31 years old, I’m in the best shape of my life and only getting better.

You want the best info out there to take control of your life and accomplish anything you want? Check out T-Nation and don’t stop reading. Want the best supplements on the market to help you get the life and body you never thought you could have? Biotest has them all. Be relentlessly consistent, you can accomplish anything you want. Current Biotest supplements I use include:

Plazma, Indigo 3g, Micro-PA, Elite Pro Minerals, Curcumin, Flameout, Z12, Spike. I’ve also used Alpha Male, Hot Rox, Leucine and BCAA in the past.

Please feel free to check out my contest prep log:


So what you’re saying is, shave your chest and grow a beard, then you’ll see abs? Did I follow that about right? :wink:

Killer transformation (so far!), man. Definitely looking forward to the next step.

[quote=“robstein, post:1, topic:5956”]
One day, I’m putting on a belt in my bedroom that I typically wore 3 holes in. Gradually it got to 2 holes…1 hole…now I’m trying desperately to get just it on.[/quote]
This is pretty much always how it happens. Nobody gets fat overnight. It happens “just” two or three pounds at a time, slow, steady, and subtle. The difference is, some people are ready to notice it and change while others would’ve blamed the belt, patched the hole in the wall, and continued on doing the same old-same old.


Amazing work to say the least. If you need any help to continue on with your journey we are here the help!


Thank you Chris! Yessir, these are essential parts of growth, I noticed my squat went up right away. And you’re right, that’s exactly how it happened. A few pounds at a time, reasoning with myself that it’s ok to get fast food because I didn’t have time to eat anything else. I used to think, “what am I supposed to do, like, make a whole days with or food and bring a cooler with me or something? That’s nuts!”

And of course now, my cooler with my days food is part of my check list. “Keys, wallet, phone, cooler…check!”


@Christian_Thibaudeau Thank you so much Christian! Your program, the Indigo Hypertrophy program, was my very first program when I stepped foot in the gym, what an incredible program. Although I was nervous to start training in a gym where I was clearly a rookie and had no idea what I was doing, I felt confident having your training plan on my clip board, knowing I had an amazing program designed by a pro. I completed phase 1 twice, then 2 and 3. Focusing on the big lifts while still emphasizing hypertrophy gave me a great understanding of the foundational big lift movements, and significant gains in both strength and size. I’ve done a few of your programs over the past few years and every one of them took me to another level.


Wow, amazing work. T-Nation is such a tremendous resource for all things related to training and nutrition, but it’s all the more cool when you see someone take the initiative and incorporate the resource to radically change their life. Well done!


The beard is one of those “secrets of the pros” that no one talks about. I only recently shaved mine off because only the middle was completely white and I looked like a super-villain. Not the kind of look I wanted to sport at work -lol



@Mark_Dugdale Thank you very much Mark! I’ve learned a lot reading your logs, just another great thing about T-Nation. Amazing professionals and competitors that contribute and are available to learn from, answer questions, etc. Incredible resources!


Outstanding job! You’re proof once again that incredible effort leads to incredible results.


Truth. My six-month beard just gave way to a very Bill the Butcher mustache. Very thankful to have an employer who tolerates villainous facial hair.


Thank you Pheonix! I’m enjoying working with Stu and learning a lot, can’t wait to see what the future will bring.


Just a quick update since I posted this back in November. Since then, with the help of @The_Mighty_Stu as my coach, I’ve completed my first competitive season as a natural bodybuilder, ending with a 2nd place finish in the Open Bantamweight class at the WNBF Hercules in Manhattan, NY. It was an experience I’ll never forget, and something I never thought I’d do. Now, I’m looking to make some serious progress in the off season and come back next year bigger, stronger and leaner. T-Nation and Biotest have been essential to my progress, I can’t wait to see what the future holds.