Body Beast Workout & V-Diet

I will be starting the V-Diet in a couple days . I’m in the last week of bulk phase of my 2nd rd of Body Beast . What I want to know is , can I continue and do my workouts of BB(6 days a week) while doing my V-Diet as my cut phase / I am a female , 4’11 @ 135 wanting to really shed some fat…I’ve read the workouts for the v diet and I just dont want to quit body beast…any advice ? Or should I postpone my BB cut workouts for after the V-Diet . I hate to do that , but I do want to get the best out of this. I bought all the products from Biotest.

While people have had success using other workout plans along with the V-Diet, the workouts provided will give you the best results. They are matched to the diet plan. I don’t know much about the program you’re on, but sometimes the best way to keep making progress is to switch workout plans. All workout plans stall out after a while. The V-Diet workouts are very unique and challenging for those who’ve never done them.

Thanks Chris , I will follow it to the letter . I’m really excited to see the end results! I’ve got my mind right and I’m used to a tough regimen so I’m psyched .

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