Boardy's V-Diet

Hi All,

Another diary to add to the pile. I am running this in 2 places so I fail pretty hard in front of a lot of people, that said, I’m not going to fail!

I started last week, took pictures but they were sadly lacking in any sort of detail. I can upload them later when I get home still, though they are pretty blurred.

I am on Week 2 now, well just started week 2, so here is the numbers so far:

Day 1 06/07/2009:
Weight 226
Neck 16
Shoulders 47
Chest - Upper 44
Chest - Lower 40
Waist - at Navel 43.5
Waist - at largest 43.5
Hips - at largest 45
Upper Arm - L 14
Upper Arm - R 15.5
Upper Leg - L 24
Upper Leg - R 24.5
Lower Leg - L 18
Lower Leg - R 18
Ankle - L 10
Ankle - R 10
Total Inches 413

My first week has been pretty easy actually, I think I need to go a bit higher on the weights I am doing as it doesn’t seem to ache the next day as much as I like! I had 2 nights out with friends to the pub on Friday and Saturday, both times I drank soda water (much cheapness!) and ended up as the local taxi service! Screwed up my V-Burn a little as I did double what I needed to on a lot of the exercises and only realised once I was half dead. My HSM was chicken breasts, Spinach, runner beans and Sweet potato. Good stuff. My NEPA is a 1 hour walk to a distant shop to grab the day’s newspaper then back home, all fuelled by HOT-ROX! Here’s the results:

Week 2 start 14/07/2009:
Weight 220
Neck 16
Shoulders 46
Chest - Upper 43
Chest - Lower 42
Waist - at Navel 41
Waist - at largest 41
Hips - at largest 43
Upper Arm - L 13.5
Upper Arm - R 14
Upper Leg - L 23
Upper Leg - R 24
Lower Leg - L 17
Lower Leg - R 17.5
Ankle - L 10
Ankle - R 10
Total Inches: 400

Nice to someone else on the train! Welcome aboard and nice progress after one week! Congrats!

Great job so far. I am on my second day right now. I am having a little urgency to eat something shitty but I have held off. I am not hungry at all and really am not having much problem at this point.

Look forward to seeing the pics and wish you luck in your continued progress.

The eating urges die off pretty much after the first week, my NEPA walk takes me past a local bakery which was really hard work last week, but now it’s not so bad.

I wish you all the best on your v-diet, keep us all updated!

Good to have another brit along for the ride. Good luck mate!

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