Blue Agave


I am getting excited to try something new for my HSM this weekend. While browsing your HSM recipes I see many using Truvia or other sugar substitutes.

I was wondering why a substitute instead of blue agave?


Agave is awful stuff, very much like HFCS. A purely “pretend” health food, full of fructose and best avoided. It may be “natural” but so is cat poop and arsenic. . :slight_smile:

Honey falls into the same category, but if you buy real honey (not the processed stuff in a bear container) it’s okay in small amounts and not used regularly.

Thanks! Had no idea.

What about Stevia? Any opinions?

Stevia is fine. I alternate between stevia and Splenda. BTW, most of the studies on artificial sweeteners were conducted by the sugar industry with the purpose of smearing them. Very biased and questionable “research” there.

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