Bleujob V-Diet Log

5/11/16 Start
So, starting on a Wednesday, weird but whatever. The package from biotest arrived last night. I unpacked everything and worked through how things would work. Little known fact, the package come with this huge bottle (1/2 gallon maybe) and a funnel. If I ever get to drinking the shakes in a beer-bong fashion, this’ll come in handy.

The protein is surprisingly pretty good. It mixes in water very easily and no clumping like a lot of other products. So far, I’ve only had the chocolate and vanilla but both are good. Strawberry tomorrow. I’m not really looking forward to the banana because that flavor tends to fall short across the board. I bought it to mix in with the others when they get boring.

As far as hunger through day one, it hasn’t been too bad. Whenever you get hungry, it’s usually time for another shake. My HSM was chicken, quinoa, and steamed veggies. I use a rice cooker… a lot. That really helps when cooking for the HSM and meal prep in general. If you haven’t looked into a rice cooker, give it a shot.

The plazma… what’s with the foaming? seriously. I mixed it up like any other workout supplement and I cracked the top of the bottle and this thing covered the inside of my car in this foul smelling, clumpy liquid. I’ll have to perfect that process quickly. Also, why do I need a separate flavor thing and that little bottle has to be refrigerated!!! Not a big deal I guess.

Anyways, I wrote all my measurement down in a journal but I’m at work now. I’ll post those when I can. I have no dreams of updating this thing daily, but every now and then. If I’m feeling extra ambitious I may even post the before pictures but admittedly the lighting is awful but whatever. I’m terrible when it comes to keeping up with online forums or groups.

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I started my Plazma and Mag-10 a few weeks ago.

You can see I had similar problems with foam and taste.
Problems were solved rather quickly with the good advice in the thread.

Thanks! I workout right after work so I leave my stuff in the car. I’ll try mixing it the night before and go that route. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Nice !! Starting mine today

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