Black Tea w/Splenda?

Hey y’all, I am reading up on the diet and am thinking about trying it come my next fat loss phase(which I’d like to start possibly January 1st). I am currently getting my calories back to maintenance level.

I do have a quick question that I may have passed over though. I understand that when it comes to “snacking” on this diet (If I get hungry between shakes) that certain water with calorie free splenda/crystal light is alright(correct me if I am wrong on this but I believe chris said this in a forum post). Is it OK to drink Black Tea with Splenda on this diet? I love my sweet tea (would y’all expect anything less from a redneck down here in SC?) and being allowed to drink it on this diet seems like it would be a nice benefit.

Appreciate the help y’all!

As long as the beverage is calorie-free, then it’s fine. (Careful though, some Crystal Light type products aren’t.)

Just be aware that you’re adding caffeine with tea. HOT-ROX, the fat burner required for the V-Diet, already has some stimulatory properties. Some people can add more stimulants, some can’t at all.

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