Black Bean Extract?

How does Indigo-3G differ from C3G sourced from Black Bean extract? Could I take Indigo-3G in the morning before workout and black bean extract at night?

Dosage, absorption, and overall effectiveness will be the biggest differences. From what I’ve seen, black bean extracts don’t deliver an effective dose in an easily absorbable form that compares with Indigo-3G.

This talks more about why that matters:

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with “double dosing” Indigo-3G and taking two servings a day, but it’s definitely not necessary. One serving per day, either before your biggest meal or before training, will have it doing its job very effectively. That’s how it was designed to work.

Taking Indigo before training and black bean extract at night probably wouldn’t hurt either, but also wouldn’t be significantly more effective because, again, black bean extract is just a poor C3G delivery method. It’d be like having filet mignon for dinner and beef jerky for dessert. Why follow up a great thing with such a lesser version?

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