BK's Ready for a Change

My housemate did the V-Diet a few months ago, and although I was quite skeptical at first about a liquid diet and spending $600 for supplies, the results didn’t lie. He’s healthier and in better shape than ever.

Me, on the other hand, had put on 30lbs over the last year, with my diet and lifestyle going to hell since taking an 80hr/wk job last August. I had started walking/running back in June, and had dropped from 210 to 194, but i want something more.

I started the V-Diet yesterday, so I’m wrapping up day 2 right now. Yesterday was a breeze - I didn’t even notice that I hadn’t eaten any regular meals. Today was a bit more of a challenge. The shakes were just so thick - I could feel a light craving for normal food - a salad, steak, something! It didn’t help that today was the first day i’ve ever really gone to a gym and work with weights, so most all of you know how my body is feelin right now!

Wish me luck (and perhaps a kick-ass newfound body in about 6 weeks!)


keep the motivation up and keep posting. and don’t worry you’ll feel the cravings now and again, it gets better i promise. you keeping any stats?

Yeah, I am with dshroy on the cravings. You’re not alone in feeling some cravings for some solid food. Just keep murdering those weights and you’ll get in a nice rhythm with the whole diet. I look forward to following your log.

Day 4 is underway. The first shake went down no problem - I just employed an ancient technique known well to those of Irish heritage - CHUGGING! Yesterday was odd - I felt almost nauseous, but today’s seeming much better already.

I’ll hit the gym for session #2 in a short bit. Dshroy - stats are recorded:

Measaurements (as of August 18, 2009):
Height: 6ft 0in
Weight: 194
Neck: 15.5
Shoulders: 45
Chest - Upper (armpits): 40
Chest - Lower (nipples): 42
Waist - at Navel: 42
Waist - at largest: 42
Hips - at largest: 39
Upper Arm L: 13
Upper Arm R: 13
Upper Leg L: 23.5
Upper Leg R: 23.5
Lower Leg L: 15
Lower Leg R: 15
Ankle L: 9
Ankle R: 9

Just keeping the eye on the prize - Thanks guys!!

How is your diet going? During the first day, I was also think about normal healthy food. Why couldn’t I eat a nice spinach salad. But soon!

Anyways, good luck!

I continued to struggle towards the end of the first week. It wasn’t a willpower issue - I hadn’t noticed being hungry anymore - but I just couldn’t get all of the shakes down a day. I didn’t eat heavily before the diet (primarily salads), so the amount of 5 shakes is actually MORE than I typically eat. My stomach would still feel quite content when it was time for the next shake, so I felt full again after just a few gulps and STUFFED by half-way!

I’ve modified (Yes, I realize - BLASPHEMY!) the amount of shakes to 3 or 4 a day, more dependent on when I start feeling like it’s time to have another than by the every-three-hour schedule. I still have plenty of energy and continue to lose fat, despite the change in caloric intake. It does not seem to be having any negative impact.

I am planning to gradually bump it up to 5 shakes a day, once I get used to 4, then 4 1/2, then 5. Any thoughts on this plan? Will it work? How badly am I screwing this thing up?

Speaking of, I feel like an orange julius-like shake right about now. See ya!

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