Bkmacky's V-Diet Experience

alright second weigh in day…162…as expected weight loss is gonna slow down. all good though…officially half way done!!

Its spring break for me now so i cant wait to get out on the beach and strut my stuff

Dude 162?..that’s LEAN. You’re gonna be the asshole that all the frat guys drinkin’ beer are mean muggin! Where you going for Spring Break? Got plans for the next step after Velocity?

Another question…you’ve done the Anabolic Diet it seems (been reading through the zillion pages in the forum about it). Would you recommend it? Did you carb up on both days on weekends? What were your workouts like on it and what were your post-workout shakes like if you had to keep your carbs < 30g a day? Thanks bro.

well i live in florida so im hittin u the beach…my HSMs are killin me though i cant help but eat nd eat so i gain a bunch of water weight and so then i get super hungry during the week…little nauseus and get dizzy…after Velocity prob maintence cals on a strength program then when winter hits up ramp up cals…i only go clean…Its a fun diet the AD I love meat and the carb ups are fun too…yea I carbed up both days then 1 day when wrestling season started and when I was cutting…well i never counted veggies and my PWO would be one scoop Surge then Id hit my 30 with nuts or pnutty…i started my PWOs with whey and pnutty…instead of using carbs id just ramp up the cals

Alright Day 18
So close…second W/O day for this week…ugh just went to the beach and this stupid bitch I haven’t seen in a couple years said I look skinny…Def makes me wanna go on an all out clean bulk after this is over! Ya I messed up the diet a bit and threw back some shots on St.Patty’s day…although I’d say I’m Iris I can’t help it…Chris would say otherwise…Anyway I’m back on track and preppin to hit the gym after my next shake at 12:30

You are skinny.

HA, yes compared to the rest of the people in this forum, you’re a string bean. Lean in the summer is the way to go…you can bulk after.

[quote]Free2Be wrote:
You are skinny. [/quote]

He’s not skinny. He’s lean. Big difference!!

Good job dude! Post some updated pictures.

thanks…i prefer lean but damn

[quote]BalkanLion wrote:
Free2Be wrote:
You are skinny.

He’s not skinny. He’s lean. Big difference!!

Good job dude! Post some updated pictures. [/quote]

why thank you for seeing it my way!

Day 20:
This training program def points out my lack of upper body strength. Goin strong one week left of training after tomorrows V-Burn challenge & HSM mmmm. Ground chicken in wild rice with mango and pineapple mixed in with a nice seasoning…oh and of course EVOO to give it a nice tasting fat. Oh and plantains as a side. And soup w/ a piece of EZ bread. Lunch for me and the GF

[quote]BalkanLion wrote:
Free2Be wrote:
You are skinny.

He’s not skinny. He’s lean. Big difference!!

Good job dude! Post some updated pictures. [/quote]

He is skinny imo, lean yes, but skinny too. Like Brad Pit From Fight Club. You disagree? ie not much muscle mass.

yea yea yea your right…But, anyways…down to 159 and last time I weighed 159 was 3 years ago and I was flabbier and had been cutting weight to wrestle 160. And now, I have visible abs I’m not completely drained and not so flabby! Ah proof of gained muscle mass since then :)Maintenance through summer then nice huge clean bulk until next spring where I’ll be doing this diet (unless something else pops up and catches my fancy)

That is if I need to cut…how glorious it will be if I clean bulk and come out lookin like a champ.Btw what keeps me feelin good with not so much muscle mass is the fact I have a lot of power and MMA fighters, most anyway, don’t have huge amounts of muscle mass either but power and speed all the same. So I’m happy where I am as I’m a fighter. However, I’d be just as happy adding mass, and power, and bumping up weight classes.

officially done with the third week, one to go! Now I’m lookin forward to me HSM!!!

2 days to go until the transition phase! Its too early to say I’ve conquered the diet, but I feel very accomplished pushing through the W/O and solid food and complete boredom pings. 2 weeks and 2 days until final result photos! So far as I know, as I weigh in only on Sunday mornings, I’m done from 172 to 159. Granted I guarantee 8-10lbs of this was H2O weight/glycogen depletion/emptying of solid foods from my body. So I’d say 3-5 lbs lost.

Which is great since I’ve never been able to drop fat at this BF%(~9%) without noticing huge amounts of fatigue and muscle loss. I’m not realy looking to get ripped or anything just lean so as to start at a clean slate for bulking so I may more closely monitor my progress as I’ve never really done that before. My usual bulk consists of not paying attention to how much I eat which equates to under-eating some days and having a few too many cheats.

Now I’m lookin to make slow steady gains in strength while keeping my leanness. So, after the transition phase I’ll start eating at 2000 cals for 2 weeks, gauge progress, then 2250, and repeat until I get to probably my maintenance at 2500 which I want to get to and stay at through summer. Then come September Ill keep adding 250 bi-weekly until I make steady gains while maintaining leanness. Now I plan on a cheat meal being what I didnt plan on eating and rarely/never be something like pizza or cake, but like a regular pasta meal or a carb meal outside of where I’d eat my carbs usually.

Great progress man. I only wish I was down in the 160s! Good luck with the transition and your future bulk.

Haha, I also wish I could slim down to the 160s.

Best of luck with your transition. I’ll be watching out for your final photos.

156.4 today…btw should I trust the BF% on the scale? it fluctuates .3-.5 each time I step on(within a few seconds)

Use the skinfold test with calipers…most accurate home test. Congrats bro!

thanks bro ya I’ll try it out myself and find a decent multi-fold online test

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