BJJ and Muay Thai While on the V- Diet?


Hi Chris,

I will be starting the V-Diet next week (If my shipment arrives by Friday).
I read the V-Diet v3.0 a few times and noticed that it mentions not to do any other strenuous physical activities except for the three times a week work outs and V-challenge days.

I do brazilian ju-jitsu every tuesday and thursday for 1 hour and on Saturdays I do about 1.5 hours of Muay Thai. First can I still continue to do Ju-Jitsu? It is a fairly good endurance workout or will that compromise muscle retention while on the diet? Also, if I can should I take the post workout formula after my classes? I usually have an interwork out drink called Scivation Xtend which is basically liquid BCAA’s (no sugars), about 7Grams per scoop. Normally I take two scoops. Is it safe to continue taking this drink while on the diet?

Second, can I do muay thai on Saturdays as a replacement to the V-challenge? Its fairly challenging itself with lots of drills and kicking and punching etc?

Third, thank you so much for what looks to be an amazing rapid fat loss program! i can not wait to start. I am a fairly healthy individual and train 5-6 times a week and although i have seen great muscle gains the fat around my belly is highly stubborn and needs a big push out the door!

I apologize for the high number of questions!

Thank you kindly,



You can skip the NEPA on martial arts days. A hit of MAG-10 during and after those sessions would be ideal. I’m not familiar with the other supplement. You can also increase (or decrease) by one scoop of Metabolic Drive per day if you start to feel low energy. Don’t add Surge though – it’s for weight training only. Your’e probably fine to replace the V-Burn.


Thanks very much for the prompt reply Chris!
I am going to order some MAG-10.