Birthday V-Diet

In the interest of doing my best to be successful, I’ll go ahead and try to keep a very accurate training log.

First, some background. I turned 35 last week and decided to get back on the clean eating wagon. I play for a local rugby club, but will be unavailable until the end of the month, so I thought rather than wait for the end of the season, I’d just jump in and try to get it out of the way before THanksgiving and all that.

So far I’ve followed everything to a “T” except I played 80 minutes of rugby on Saturday. Ugh. Not smart, although I played very well despite my misery. In any case, I only played because of an injury to another player and against my better judgment, but being part of a team sometimes mean sacrificing your own goals for the team.

So I’m done w/ that for a while, and will be following the workouts as prescribed. Some early stats:

Age: 35
Height: 5’10
Weight: 234 lbs

I’ll post some pictures and measurements soon.

Good luck. Lots of support to be found here if you need it.

Got up and did the prescribed Monday workout today.
Roll outs

Went light as the advice given suggested. Felt great at work all day.

I just started week two and the worst I have felt on this diet was when I lifted weights for the second time. Make sure to give yourself enough time between any feeding and weight training. I nearly puked doing incline db presses which may have been the first time in history that that exercise would have induced vomit.

Besides that I’m finding the toughest part is being around friends and family who say things like…“What are you doing? Why do you need to lose weight? Are you so much better than me because I eat Ice Cream??”

I’ve felt full the whole week.

I’ve felt good all week long. I’ll do the prescribed Wed. workout tomorrow AM. Tomorrow is also the end of my first 7 days doing this. After Saturday’s rugby mistake (which made me wonder what I was doing), things have been smooth sailing. I feel full all day long, I’m not wretching before each shake and I have plenty of energy to get through a pretty tough day.

I’ve done this before, and found that the increase calories and the new supplements have made a difference. Another change I made was using already milled flax seed. I had been doing it myself and it was so course it was tearing me up. For the most part, all is well.

Okay, this is the end of day 11. THings have been cruising along. I’m going to go out of town this weekend and I’m a little concerned about what they will say at the airport about all my baggies of protein. I don’t need a hassle. After one week I weighed 226 down from 234. Not a bad start.

Day 14 weigh-in: 220lbs down from 234. Not bad. It gives me hope for the future that I’ve dropped another 6 lbs this week. Even if I lost 10 lbs of water weight, that’s still 6 lbs of fat. If I could lose another 12 lbs, I’d be very happy.

I survived a weekend of travel w/out cheating or falling behind. It went really went well all things considered. Down to only a week and a half.

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