Biotest's Brain Candy


I’ve never used Brain Candy and was just curious about the product. I’m thinking about giving it a try.

All feedback is appreciated.

Thank you.


You’ll get some helpful feedback here. Also, right after Biotest launched Brain Candy, we gathered up a lot of the feedback. You can check it out on the Brain Candy store page:


@notthiskid - Brain Candy is absolutely one of my favorite supplements. I’ve not found anything better in terms of increasing enerygy, focus and mood. I have one each morning and that is perfect to get moving and stay focused at work all day. There are no jittery side effects either which is a big plus. In fact I’ve found that, while it contains caffeine and will certainly wake you up, Brain Candy actually has a calming effect and I’m much more even tempered when I have it.

I used to drink lots of coffee and pop Spike tablets all the time but I find a single shot of Brain Candy in the morning works much better for me. I still keep Spike on hand for when work goes late into the night but I amost never drink coffee anymore.

If you really love your coffee you could always give the caffeine free Brain Candy a try along with the coffee.

I’ve given Brain Candy to a guy at work while we were on an overnight surveillance detail and he loved it. He usually pops caffeine pills but I told him to try a Brain Candy and within about 10 minutes he was alert and said “this stuff is weird man, I actually feel happy”. That’s a big deal for that guy, believe me.

Give it a go - you’ll like it.


Alright, I will. Thanks for the insight. Is it better for energy and focus than Spike?

Thank you.


[quote]notthiskid wrote:
Alright, I will. Thanks for the insight. Is it better for energy and focus than Spike?

Thank you.[/quote]

Think of Brain Candy as more of a cognitive/mood enhancer than an “energy drink” - though the caffeine-containing version does have a great energy kick as well.