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Hello, everyone. I recently ordered Plazma, MAG-10, Carbolin 19 and Indigo-3g, and would like some advice regarding the stack. My goal is primarily to build muscle and lose fat. i’m currently 236lb and 6’1. are they any workout routines from this site that one can recommend, or is there any other supplement i can add to help with body recomposition?

Thanks for your help

Hey Charli, youre on a similar stack as me.
Your primary goal is also the same goal as 90% of the world.
As a good place to start, and have no idea what kinda of training you’ve been doing (but lets assume you’ve been lifting some what) I would say start with the indigo or superhero workouts on the site. Easy to follow, easy to adjust to fit your needs. The Indigo can be a little high in volume but its a great place to start, lasts 3 months and has several different goal cycles you can move through.

I would take the Carbolin 19 an hour before the workout.
Indigo dose 30 mins after that.
1 serving of Plazma before workout
1 serving sipped Plazma during workout
MAG-10 post.

Follow smart nutrition.
The only other sup I would suggest adding is Micro-PA


thanks for the advice!!

Charli, sounds like you’re on your way! Be sure to understand that ultimately, the #1 thing that will get you to your goal is consistent training and incredibly consistent nutrition. You have an extremely powerful supplement stack there, but again it will only get you as far as your training and nutrition will allow. So, be sure to know your RMR, create a deficit each day, and go from there. If you’d like more specific advice, please post as many details about yourself as possible. Height, weight, body fat (if known, try not to guess), training schedule and what your nutrition has been like (again, be very specific.)

Good luck!

[quote]charli_dey wrote:
are they any workout routines from this site that one can recommend[/quote]
Did you do the V-Diet you’d mentioned a few months back? If so, another program from Waterbury might be good. Or the I, Bodybuilder plan you’d mentioned. Or, really, almost any program in the archives here.

Like the guys have said, more specific details about you (especially how much fat you’re currently carrying, how you’ve been training and eating, and your general strength levels on the basic lifts) would help, as would some more specific goals, like “200 pounds with 2-pack abs” or “Drop 3 inches off the waist, add an inch to the arms.”

What you’ve already listed (especially the Plazma, Mag-10, and Indigo) are pretty much the big heavy hitters for putting on muscle and dropping fat.

Like Hips said, the only other thing you might consider is Micro-PA because it can be a great add-on for muscle building. But seriously, sorting out your training makes more sense than adding another supplement.

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