Biotest Supplement Protocol

Hey all,

I’m looking to purchased the following amount of supplements;

3 bottles of Plazma
3 bottles of MAG-10
1 bottle of Indigo-3G
2 packs of Brain Candy and;
4 boxes of Finibars

I’m curious as to what I should take and when during the day. I train early morning, around 6.00am. I havent used indigo before either. I’m looking to add mass to my physique, and I’ll be following CT’s Layering System. I do like the sound of the pre bed/midnighy pulse. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance guys

That’s a solid, pro-level stack. Get ready to take up a couple of notches!

With your early morning training schedule, you’ll want to pre-load with a full serving of <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma 15 minutes prior to training. You can take your <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G at the same time as the Plazma or earlier if that fits your schedule. During the workout, you’ll have one or two more servings of Plazma.

About one hour after you finish the last of your Plazma, have a serving or “pulse” of MAG-10. For the most brutal sessions, you can have another pulse an hour after that. Pre-bed is another popular time for a pulse. I really enjoy the middle-of-the-night pulse myself. Just have it pre-made and ready to go. I partially freeze mine or add ice cubes so it’s still cold whenever I drink it. (I just keep it on the bedside table.) Don’t set an alarm or anything; just have the pulse when you naturally wake, like to use the bathroom. If you sleep through the night, a pre-bed pulse is best. You just don’t want to interrupt your sleep.

Now, for the Finibars, you can have one pre-workout to replace breakfast. It depends on how early you get up before your workout. The pre-load of Plazma may be your breakfast. But if you can, you could 1. take Indigo-3G (6 capsules), 2. have a Finibar 30 minutes later, then pre-load Plazma 15 minutes before you begin lifting.

But <a href=""target=“new”>Finibars are very versatile, especially for someone on Indigo-3G and needing the extra quality carbs. They make great snacks. Or you can have one post-training after a MAG-10 pulse or even with it.

<a href=""target=“new”>Brain Candy is best in the early AM upon waking. But many have it on an “empty” stomach a little later in the day to fight the afternoon slump. You can adjust this based on your tolerance level of caffeine, assuming you picked up the caffeine-containing version.

With that stack, there are a few effective methods of putting it all together to fit your schedule. We can help you fine-tune if needed. Much is going to depend on how early you wake, but we can make it work.

@CS as always, a precise and exact answer I was after. I wake up around 5.00am so would the following be okay?

5.00am - Brain Candy
5.15am - Indigo-3G (6 tablets yeah?)
5.45am - 1 Finibar with a serving of Plazma
6.00am - Training with two servings of Plazma during
8.00am - MAG-10 pulse
9.00am - MAG-10 pulse

Is the Finibar placed to close to the session? And now that Plazma is here, is there no longer a need for Anaconda? And I’ve seen in previous spills that you only pulse during the day and have a HSM at night, that would be more for fat loss yeah? So therefor eating would be more beneficial for muscle gains?

Sorry about all the questions, I just want to get this right and make the most of it. As I’ll be sticking with Biotest for a very, very long time. And I normally wake up around 2.00am naturally, would that be okay for a pulse, even if I have a pre bed pulse? Thanks again Chris.

  1. Anaconda: If using Plazma, there’s no need for Anaconda or any of the Surge products. <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma is Biotest’s most advanced, elite-level workout nutrition supplement. It effectively replaces those earlier peri-workout supplements.

  2. As for your schedule, everything looks good except for the first Plazma dose taken with a Finibar. I know Tim Patterson has said it’s okay to have a MAG-10 pulse with a Finibar, but I’m not sure about Plazma. A Finibar just 15 minutes before a lifting workout may be a little close to the workout too, though that may be a person preference. (I prefer it 45-60 minutes before training at least.) You may want to consider moving that Finibar to post-workout and having it with one of the MAG-10 pulses, unless you have better workouts with some solid food in your system. I’ll check with Tim Patterson on this.

  3. Indigo-3G: Yes, 6 capsules is one serving with the newest formula, best taken 30 minutes before starting peri-workout supplement regimen. You can take another serving of 6 capsules before the evening meal.

  4. The “pulse all day and have a solid meal at night” plan is a method mainly aimed at quick fat loss for people on the go and very busy during the day. There are several variations of that plan, like Christian Thibaudeau’s Pulse Feast and my modified V-Diet experiments. We have a few threads in this section and the “Ask Chris” forum discussing various ways of using it.

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