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Hey guys, been a reader on T-Nation for a few years now but first time posting. I was hoping I could get some assistance in building a Biotest stack geared for fat loss. I haven’t used Biotest products before and am hoping to get some insight from those with more experience.

Some stats on myself: 6’3 245 lbs about 18% bf. Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I can offer my personal experiance (non expert). I have been using Indigo-3G, taken approximately 45 minutes prior to training. I then consume one dose of Plazma 15 minutes prior to training and then 2 more doses while training. About 45 minutes after training I have 2 doses of MAG-10 and then a final dose about an hour later.

I have been in shit shape for most of my life. I started training 3 years ago and have gotten pretty good results. However, after incorporating the above Biotest supplements, I am by far in the best shape of my life. Obviously lifting hard and heavy and eating a good diet have been a must. My hub has some photos of progress if you want to see real life examples.

Good luck


Good advice above. Although not just for fat loss, <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G would serve you well.

If you’re looking for more of a flat-out “fat burner” look into <a href=""target=“new”>HOT-ROX which is already a stack of several things.


Hey Guys,

Thanks for all the advice, it definitely helps. The HOT-ROX, says to not use with anything else, I’m assuming I’ll be fine taking the Indigo 3G, Plazma and MAG-10 with it? Also do you think a test booster would be useful or just over the top? Thanks again for your input.

  1. Yes, you can use Hot-Rox with the 3 other Biotest supplements.

  2. It depends, do you have lowish T?


Not necessairily but have used test booters in past with good results, think it would just be overkill?


[quote]TLusardi wrote:
Not necessairily but have used test booters in past with good results, think it would just be overkill?

Alpha Male works via different mechanisms mainly, but you are overlapping with Carbolin 19, contained in Hot-Rox and Alpha Male. And I’d suggest even holding off on Hot-Rox. Let Indigo-3G do its thing, then use Hot-Rox later to bring it all home or when you hit a sticking point in fat loss.


There’s many instances where combining ingredients in certain ways (or, stacking them) is very important. In some other cases, a material does the job when used alone and combination really just costs more money rather than improve results.

The workout nutrition products, Alpha Male, and HOT-ROX are combination products which to do the job they aim to do, don’t need stacking with other products, including other Biotest products. But as they do different jobs, they might be combined because 2 or 3 different jobs are called for.

Indigo-3G is a material with one purified product and in this case, that’s exactly what’s needed. We have considered stacking many times, not out of observing any need or lack, but out of always wanting to improve and also from very frequent customer interest in stacking. It’s always possible to have missed something, so we haven’t assumed that stacking couldn’t be a worthwhile improvement. But during initial usage phase of Indigo-3G, we haven’t found a reason to stack a fat-loss product or ingredient.

(After the first period of use and having gotten major improvement, then a maintenance dose combined with HOT-ROX or Carbolin 19 is an improvement in many instances.)

So, when starting Indigo-3G, leave off HOT-ROX, Carbolin 19, or fatburners in general and experience what the Indigo-3G itself does for you.

Combining with effective workout nutrition is always greatly beneficial.

Alpha Male would be from the standpoint of how it makes you feel really, not from further improving fat loss or muscle gain results in the Indigo-3G program