Biotest Stack For An Aging Mixed Martial Artist

I am interested in finding out what Biotest supplements stacked together would work best for me.

I am currently 42 yrs old and I am an avid MMA practitioner. I’ve been doing MMA for almost 10 years now. I do Muay Thai and BJJ. Most of my training time now is spent doing BJJ. I currently weigh 204.9lbs with a BF% of 24.4% (per my Tanita Body Composition scale). This weight was taken first thing in the morning (my scale said I was at 52.6% hydration). Later in the afternoon when I re-weighed myself I weighed 206.2lbs with a BF% of 21.6% (with a 56.2% hydration level). I am very strong for my age and I still have a very strong sex drive.

Currently I train BJJ on Tues & Thrs. I do an hour long class in the mornings at 10am and a 2 hour class in the evenings at 7pm. On Mon/Wed/Fri I do my S&C work at 3pm. As an example here is today’s workout.
A) 2 Snatch Grip Push Presses + 1 OH Squat (work up to 70% of snatch 1RM)
B) Front Squat 1RM then -20% for 3 reps
C) Hang Snatch 8 sets of 1 rep (EMOMs)
D) Bench Press work up to 1RM w/3 sec pause, then -20% for 3 reps no pause
E) Weighted Pushups ss Bent Over Rows 3 sets of 8
F) 10 Min AMRAP of 15 sec of Double Unders

Due to my MMA hobby I have real sore joints (mainly my left knee). I also suffered a partially torn distal bicep this past spring. I’ve been rehabing it and its feeling at about 85%.

My goals are as follow:

  1. I want to significantly drop body fat. I’d love to get my BF% down into the low teens.
  2. I want to make sizable improvements in my Deadlift, Snatch, and Clean
  3. I want to win my first grappling tournament (I have 3 2nd place finishes and 3 3rd place finishes)

In summary I want to get lean, get stronger, and improve overall athletic performance. I am working diligently on my BJJ game but I’d like to take things to the next level athletically to go with my BJJ skills.

So, what combination of Biotest supplements would work best for me to meet my goals? Plus, to help my sore joints/injured bicep? Additionally, based upon my training schedule, when should I take the prescribed supplements?

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So, what combination of Biotest supplements would work best for me to meet my goals?[/quote]
Surge Workout Fuel during lifting and BJJ. It’s out of stock now, should be back in just a few weeks. It’s got quality carbs, aminos, and other nutrients to help performance and recovery. That’d be a versatile and effective workout drink.

Flameout and/or Curcumin are huge for joint health.

Surge Workout Fuel would be 1 serving before lifting and 1 serving during (or just 1 serving started pre-workout and nursed through the session). And 1 serving during BJJ practice (or just before, if you’re not allowed to drink during class). Flameout and/or Curcumin would be as per label directions. 2 caps of each with or before meals would be fine. Flameout you can use more if desired. 10-12 caps per day isn’t unheard of for some people, depending on their issues. when my knees act up, I’ve personally popped them like aspirin, 2-4 caps several times a day, but that’s not everyday, fortunately.

Just to touch back on this these three goals are complementary, but actually training for them requires distinctly different approaches. Trying to do all three at once will get you nowhere. I’d suggest this approach to nutrition, and something one of the 5/3/1 templates for training. Lots of guys in the combat forum seem to do well blending martial arts with 5/3/1.

Figure out exactly when your BJJ match is and reverse engineer the goals from there.

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